Condit Turns Over DNA to Police

Susan Levy told the Post that she talked to Thomas about their daughters' relationships with Condit, and that she and Chandra argued about it.

The minister said when he and his daughter learned of Levy's disappearance, the young woman told him Condit had warned her never to discuss their relationship with others.

A note signed by Thomas and posted in the Modesto apartment building where she lives denied that she ever knew Condit and asking that people leave her alone.

‘Destructive, Unfair and Irrelevant’

The Post said that four law enforcement sources confirmed that Thomas has been questioned by the FBI and that investigators are interested in talking to his daughter.

Outside their Modesto home on Thursday, Susan and Robert Levy said they had not read what had appeared in the paper and could not comment.

"Yes, I do know the Rev. Thomas and we do appreciate his concern, but we have to see what's going on," said Robert Levy, Chandra's father. "I know there's this report in the paper and right now we can't comment any more on this."

Marina Ein, a spokeswoman for Condit, accused The Post of joining "the ranks of tabloids who have come to us with specious questions about a supposed affair."

"These questions are destructive, unfair and irrelevant," Ein said. "In fact, we are constantly placed in the impossible position of having to prove a negative. This is something we will not do."

Condit's attorney, Abbe D. Lowell, said, "This is beneath the dignity of The Washington Post."

Gainer downplayed the Post report, saying he failed to find its immediate relevance to the Levy case.

"We're only interested in the congressman's life vis-a-vis how it could help us find Chandra and I'm not sure any of these other things are particularly relevant to what we're doing," Gainer said.

Condit Denies Trying to Pressure Smith

In another report, the The Modesto Bee quoted a 31-year-old former congressional aide as saying she too was romanced by the Democratic congressman.

According to the Bee, the woman said Condit gave her the number to his beeper and "continued to flirt with me and basically proposition me" for about five weeks.

"He has this mysterious phone number he gives out to all the girls," she told the paper. "When you call this number, you just hear music and then a beep. That is when you are supposed to leave a message."

Flight attendant Anne Marie Smith, who claims Condit asked her to lie about an alleged affair, met with representatives from the U.S. attorney's office for six hours Wednesday and five hours on Thursday before flying to Los Angeles Thursday evening.

The U.S. attorney's office is considering whether the congressman may have tried to obstruct justice in the search for Levy. FBI agents and police were also believed to be in the meeting.

Smith's attorney, James Robinson, told the New York Daily News that the questioning focused on Condit's behavior and whereabouts, not on whether Condit or anyone else tried to coerce her into denying she had an affair with the congressman.

Condit has denied trying to pressure Smith. But she alleged last week that Condit and a private investigator working for him pressed her to sign an affidavit denying a 10-month affair that she claims took place. Prosecutors wanted to ask Smith about her communications with Condit. And they were expected to ask what, if anything, she knows about Levy.

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