Condit Admits Sexual Relationship

"We feel very confident in the information that the congressman provided us with," Gainer said. "Unfortunately, it does not lead us to closer to figuring out where missing Chandra Levy is."

Police sources tell ABCNEWS that police are no closer to solving the case of the missing intern then when they started. They have no idea what has happened to Levy, and they have nothing to tie Condit to her disappearance.

Levy was last seen on April 30, when she canceled a gym membership in downtown Washington. Her last known communication — an e-mail to her parents in California — was received on May 1.

Gainer reiterated that Condit is not a suspect in the missing persons investigation, saying, "He was not a suspect before the third interview, during or after the interview."

Analysts: A Political Bombshell

Although police do not consider Condit a suspect, analysts believe the latest news could be damaging to his political standing.

They contend that Condit could have avoided problems that many of his constituents could be having with him by being much more forthright with the relationship.

"Congressman Condit is in increasing political danger back home," said Stu Rothenberg, a political analyst in Washington D.C. "Anytime you get unanswered questions, it leads to more questions and his standing just fundamentally becomes called into question."

"To talk to television cameras and issuing statements here is just not enough," he said. "There's no question in my mind that he's losing confidence back in his district."

ABCNEWS' Pierre Thomas and ABCNEWS Radio contributed to this report.

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