Chat: Political Activist and Actor Danny Glover

The issues I'm concerned about are not just national issues, they are global issues as well. I've spent a lot of time in the rest of the world and see the impact of poverty there. Global warming, the environment, the death penalty (I'm a staunch opponent of the death penalty), and globalization are concerns that I have. I've been on several economic justice trips around the country — and not everyone is touched by this booming economy. Twenty million children live in poverty in this country. There are 2 million people in jail. Over 51 percent of those are African-Americans; over a million African-Americans are in jail. At some point, those in the criminal justice system — you need to examine the ratio of the number of African Americans in jail to those in college. The Green Party is a foundation to build a more inclusive, progressive party and that means the issues that are not normally handled by the other parties are taken on by the Green Party.

soregan asks:

Mr. Glover, are you a member of the Green Party or is your interest primarily in Ralph Nader? Is the Green Party fielding any statewide candidates? If not, do you think having a candidate only for President is the soundest strategy for establishing a viable and sustainable third party?

Danny Glover

My interest is primarily in Ralph Nader. That doesn't mean I won't be a member of the Green Party. The work begins after the election, building a consensus, and building opposition to the major parties. That begins now.


Danny Glover, thanks for your time.

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