Democrats Allege Polling Irregularities

Backus also said the DNC’s Web site was hacked Monday night and that its e-mail server crashed because it received a large wave of messages. The system was back up and running by 10 a.m. Tuesday.

“This just brings shame to the election process,” she said.

Hackers also targeted the GOP’s Web site. Hours before polls opened, RNC spokesman Yu said, the GOP’s site was replaced by a lengthy anti-Bush tirade.

While saying his message was not endorsed by either party, the unidentified hacker left a link to Gore’s campaign site and wrote, “George W. Bush would make a great president for those states which traffic not so much in decency but bigotry. Not acceptance but hate. Not love but fear.”

Possibly More False Information

Democratic Party officials also alleged voters were intimidated and misinformed before entering voting booths in states including Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, and Kansas. Democratic officials relayed unconfirmed reports from Iowa of senior citizens receiving telephone calls telling them they could not vote unless specifically registered for the election.

“This isn’t true,” said Backus. It’s “designed to confuse seniors and keep them from voting for Al Gore … We won’t stand for it and challenge the other side to stand up as well.”

In West Virginia, according to officials, voters were receiving calls from a Republican phone bank in California falsely telling them Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., had not endorsed Gore.

In fact, said Hattaway, “it’s the first time he has endorsed a Democrat for president since 1964, when he endorsed Lyndon Johnson.”

In an incident not described by Democratic officials, Kansas’ state government is looking into telephone calls made to some residents giving false information about the state’s election laws, according to The Associated Press.

Democrats had reported getting recorded messages Monday night incorrectly telling them they must bring voter registration cards to polling places to be allowed to cast a ballot, the AP reported.

The campaign of Rep. Dennis Moore, a Democrat seeking re-election in the 3rd Congressional District, had contacted the FBI Wednesday morning about the phone calls.

Moore’s office played the message for the AP: “Failure to comply with election law is serious business, so make sure you have your card and do it right.”

Attempts to Extend Poll Closings

Meanwhile, Democrats in various states Tuesday night tried unsuccessfully to get polls to stay open later to accommodate long lines of voters. In St. Louis, just an hour before polls were set to close, a judge ordered them to stay open three hours past their closing time — until 10 p.m. local time — to accommodate the heavy turnout.

Democrats who sought the extension cited long lines and a shortage of booths, ballots, judges and other equipment. Judge Evelyn M. Baker said the Board of Election Commissioners “failed to live up to its duty to the voters of the city.”

However, 45 minutes after the ruling, a three-judge panel in the Missouri Court of Appeals overturned Baker’s decision and ordered the polls closed at once. Similiar filings to keep polls open were denied in Madison and Milwaukee, Wis., Portland, Maine, and Detroit.

ABCNEWS’ Chris Bury, Kendra Gahaga, and’s David Ruppe, Bryan Robinson, Dorian Benkoil, Elizabeth McCorry and Julia Campbell contributed to this report.

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