John Kerry on the Campaign Trail

Before taking ten steps behind a bagpipe band, supporters and small representatives from rival campaigns surrounded the Senator, chanting "Kerry no More" and "Clark '04". As Kerry continued down the road, a swarm of rival campaign supporters attempted to get close to the Senator. Given the enormous press and personal contingency, the campaign fought its way through screaming opponents, near fisticuffs, and several downed reporters and internal supporters. By the conclusion of Kerry's walk, three local police officers had been called over to control the crowd. Kerry continued to work the walk with a smile, but became visibly agitated the longer this madness continued.

Senator Kerry shops for veterans' votes Friday in New Hampshire and South Carolina Friday, as well as some of Kerry's trademark chili. On Saturday, Kerry laces up his skates with former Boston Bruins Ray Bourque and Cam Neely.

Granite vs. Corn

EXETER, NH, Jan. 21—Forty eight hours after Sen. John F. Kerry's upset victory in Iowa, new trends are quickly emerging as the campaign tries to keep pace with its own momentum in New Hampshire.

Being 'Kerry in Vogue' is tricky business these fast-paced days so The Note is pleased to provide a short hand list of what's in and what's out at the Kerry camp BI (Before Iowa) and AI (After Iowa).

In: Growing the press corps; ; ; ; Out: Boring the press corps

In: Full suits and stylish ties; ; ; ; Out: Wrinkled cords and a threadbare blazer

In: Beacon Hill bed; ; ; ; Out: Super 8 thread count

In: Environmental Record ; ; ; ; Out: Hawkeye produced ethanol & soy-based lubricant

In: Independent Voter; ; ; ; ; Out: Undecided Voter

In: 'Comeback Kerry'; ; ; ; ; Out: 'Come back to the Senate Kerry'

In: Shrum, Whouley, Shaheen; ; ; ; Bush, Rove & Company

In: Surge ; ; ; ; Out: Shakeup

In:: New Hampshire Tough ; ; ; ; Out:Iowa Nice

With only five days to go before New Hampshirites head to the polls, Senator Kerry spent a relatively calm day featuring only two public events, an extensive "60 Minutes" interview, and a new ad.

At Daniel Webster College in Nashua, New Hampshire, Kerry delivered a twenty-six minute speech, relatively short for the Massachusetts Senator, who was introduced by Mary Ann Knowles, one of the 'real people' featured in the Kerry campaign's latest statewide ad.

And in Thursday's headlines, Kerry will be greeted by a rare sight: not only will both the Boston Globe and Boston Herald endorse the Senator's presidential bid but each Beantown daily newspaper shows Kerry first in New Hampshire by a statistically significant ten point margin.

As Thursday's debate looms, Kerry continues to project positive while letting the others around him scramble for the key to Plan B.

On Wednesday in Exeter, New Hampshire, Kerry, not exactly shedding the long held aloof image, stood before an overflow elite crowd of 1,200 to state, "…in light of the last few days of my campaign, it's been 4 hours sleep a night, a couple of all nighters, a lot of cold pizza and some warm beer and Hostess cupcakes." "Folks, I felt like was in exam week," the Senator proclaimed.

And indeed it is.

The 'F' Word (Again)

PEMBROKE, N.H., Jan. 20—On January 8, Sen. John F. Kerry departed his native Boston an often dismissed former frontrunner fighting for the third class ticket out of Iowa.

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