Wesley Clark on the Campaign Trail

Early in the day, Clark did a two-way interview with FOX News from a campaign stop in New Mexico where, in a slightly unprecedented moment in the campaign, he got visibly angry on television when challenged by anchor David Asman. Asman showed a graphic of Clark's quote from Sunday's "Meet the Press:" "President Bush has said the war in Iraq is a centerpiece for the war on terror. It isn't. it's a sideshow. It's simply their easiest means of access to attack American soldiers. That's all it is." He then asked if Clark really thinks Iraq was a "sideshow."

When Clark began to answer calmly, calling it a "distraction" from U.S.'s real mission of going after Osama bin Laden, Asman interrupts, asking, "While our men and women are dying in Iraq, is it proper to call it a sideshow?" And then:

CLARK: Don't you dare twist words into disrespect for the men and women in uniform. I love those men and women. I gave 34 years of my life to them. You better take my words the right way. This is about the president of the United States and his leadership. ASMAN: General, I'm just repeating your own words to you. CLARK: No, sir, you are not. You are playing politics … ASMAN: Didn't you say that Iraq was a sideshow? CLARK: No, sir. No, sir. You are playing politics with the men and women in uniform. You are, sir. And I challenge you … (CROSSTALK) ASMAN: I'm sorry, I just read back your own statements, General. CLARK: … take it straight. You take it straight.

Clark then hit New Hampshire for a house party and a live interview with New England Cable Network. During a long commercial break from the broadcast, Clark proudly spoke of the Washington Post article from last Friday on his hair.

"I won the award from the Washington Post . It was the award for best hair. Listen, when you're 50 years old and win the award for best hair, that's like an oxymoron." Staffers joke that The General has definitely spoken quite a bit about the Post article since it came out. In it, Robin Givhan writes: "In a locks-to-locks comparison, Clark would be judged more favorably. Dean's hair looks as though it was ordered from an old Sears catalog. But there's a certain Mayberry charm to Clark's barbershop cut." LINK

On the $12 Million

Nov. 17 — It was a good day for the Clark campaign yesterday. The General seemed to emerge unscathed from his hour-long interview with Tim Russert; the Boston Globe wrote a shining part 1 biography on him; more details on Clark's first television ad were released; and, at the bottom of the second graph in the Washington Post , Lois Romano wrote of campaign officials: "They expect the campaign to raise at least $12 million this quarter, in all likelihood more than any other candidate except Howard Dean."

A brief look back at the numbers we've seen thrown out from the Clark campaign for fourth-quarter earnings:

--On Oct. 22, the AP's Nedra Pickler wrote: "The Clark team sees New Hampshire as part of a broader strategy to raise more than $10 million by the end of the year, air ads next month, finish third in the Granite State in January, then tick off a series of wins in states with later nominating contests."

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