Wesley Clark on the Campaign Trail

Yesterday in Norfolk, Va., Clark spoke to a small group of supporters who followed him to a veterans' cemetery, where he laid a wreath to honor those killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. One woman told Clark how she drove to Norfolk from Richmond just to see him. After thanking the woman for her support, Clark said: "It's a thrilling thing up in New Hampshire; we're headed back to New Hampshire tonight. We'll be there tonight. We're going to swing through Cleveland and Detroit en route to New Hampshire … we're gonna have to have a primary battle. We're gonna be in Michigan at some point and later in Ohio — but New Hampshire is the place right now."

Aha, it was good …

WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 4— As the band Better than Ezra sang last night at a fundraiser for The General — "Aha, it was good."

It was a good day for Gen. Clark yesterday on the campaign trail. "I never pay attention to polls," Clark told supporters at a fundraiser hosted by the campaign's C-Company at a D.C. club last night, "unless they're favorable."

Earlier in the day, a Clark campaign staffer passed around his BlackBerry to press covering a "Conversation with Clark" in Nashua that showed the latest American Research Group (ARG) poll showing Clark a close third in New Hampshire behind Dean and Kerry.

And more from New Hampshire: "The Zogby poll shows me at 9 percent, it shows Kerry falling to, I don't know, 14 or something [Mrs. Clark, standing behind her husband on the stage corrects him, saying, "12."] … and then the ABC poll has me at a statistical dead-heat with John Kerry for second place," said Clark. ABC News questioned which ABC poll Clark was talking about and learned from press secretary Jamal Simmons that Clark actually meant to say the ARG poll.

Clark recounts

EXETER, N.H., Dec. 3 — There are two things that Clark is sure of when it comes to the 2000 Presidential Election:

1. He voted for Al Gore.

2. The Florida re-count was not handled well. To say the least.

Yesterday on the campaign trail Clark brought up the recount three times — first at a City Hall stop in Maine, then at an Exeter house party, and finally at a "Conversation with Clark" event at the Exeter Academy. Clark said he watched the country deal with the recount and thought, "That's an America I don't know."

"There were some people counting ballots in a room — they had glass walls. And there were people pounding on those walls — a mob — in our United States of America," said The General in front of students and community members at the prestigious Exeter boarding school last night.

"When I was the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and we were doing elections in Bosnia Herzegovina, if a scene like that had happened it would be an international outrage and no one would have spoken against it more rapidly than the United States of America. And instead of speaking against it, our Supreme Court seemed to endorse it by suspending the count and installing a President who didn't win the popular vote."

The question: Who's more upset with the handling or mishandling of the Florida recount — The General, who often jokes that he's not even sure whether or not his own vote for Gore counted (he was voting on absentee ballot at the time), or The General's staff that, for the most part, played key roles in the recount?

A Multilingual Candidate?

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