Wesley Clark on the Campaign Trail

And on Thursday new ads named "Future" and "Believe" begin airing in 50/50 rotation in Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. "Future" is running 100 percent rotation in Feb. 17th State of WI. "Future" focuses on The General's Family's First tax reform plan. In the ad, Clark speaks to the camera, moving towards the camera as he "speaks. The ad focuses on Clark as a Washington outsider and begins: "Families are struggling. Every night Moms and Dads worry about their children and how they'll make it. Everyone talks about families, but what's Washington done?" "Believe" focuses on being an outsider and true values. Clark does not appear on camera in this ad.

Chaos Trumps 3rd Place Victory

TULSA, Okla., Jan. 28, 5:40 am local time—A night of confusion is how press will remember the 2004 New Hampshire primary with General Wesley Clark; beginning at 6:30pm, when some of the staff "lost" their candidate.

Clark turned up in Derry, NH shaking hands with voters, right up until the polls closed. Traveling press secretary,Jamal Simmons, tells press that it was The General's decision and instead of getting into the car to go with press back to the hotel, they "just kept going."

Eli Segal, one of those unable to find Clark right away, tells the press he will be back by 8:30pm to watch polling results from his hotel room. At 7:47 pm, communications director Matt Bennett tells the press who sit anxiously in the hotel's Nutfield bar, that Clark is on his way back to the hotel where he will shower and watch results as press rotate in to cover. Clark comes through the hotel's front doors at 8:17 pm and goes into the elevators to floor three saying out loud, "We're going to work."

Press gather in lobby again-over twenty people wait to go upstairs when Simmons comes down frantically yelling for press to load-up in the bus as in order to make TSA screening deadlines for the airport--we must be at the airport at 10pm. It's now 8:50 pm as the press load to head to C.R. Sparks restaurant in Bedford, NH where Clark will address the crowd.

By 9:54 pm, Clark has finished speaking to the crowd of people, pom poms, and signs. He tells supporters that today he leaves "New Hampshire in the top four." The press realizes that the numbers are still not final. People chant "all patriot no act" and Mrs. Clark dances to the rhythm on stage next to her husband. Before Clark can finish his last few lines, nervous press staff runs after traveling press telling them to load-up immediately for the airport. We head to the FBO and have to u-turn for the main Manchester airport.

It's a scene out of a movie as a sea of press try to get cameras, bags, and boots through security screeners and on board. By 10:20pm, we are somehow airborne. Going down the runway, Clark and Mrs. Clark cheer with their staffers--they have just heard that The General pulled ahead ever-so-slightly in the final count and New Hampshire press staff confirmed with the Secretary of State that Clark has held on to a tight third spot in the primary.

Clark, all smiles, heads back to talk with press:

"I loved being out there tonight, welcoming the voters as they came into the polls in the darkness and the cold weather because that's what democracy is really all about. I mean, in my greatest dreams I never would have thought I'd have the chance to do that."

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