Dennis Kucinich on the Campaign Trail

ABCNEWS' Melinda Arons is on the road with Representative Kucinich. For the latest report, scroll down.

The Heartbreak Kid

NEW YORK CITY, Feb. 13 — In what can only be described as perhaps the most bizarre episode yet in the 2004 presidential campaign (which is saying a lot when the candidate in question has been known to participate in collective meditation rituals at fundraisers), Rep. Kucinich stopped by the Tonight Show Thursday night and participated in a spoof of "The Dating Game."

The image of a presidential candidate standing next to Jay Leno on a retro psychadelic game show set was surreal enough, but the contestants' fame and racy answers made it downright Fellini-esque. The participants included Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Tilly, lithe blonde radio talk show host Kim Serafin, who's reminiscent of a Gen X Ann Coulter, and actress Cybil Shepherd.

Some highlights (or, one could argue, lowlights):

*Jennifer Tilly asking in her best Betty Boop voice "How's your hanging chad?"

*Cybil Shepherd screaming "I'm ready for a wardrobe malfunction!" after which she lifted up her dress to reveal satin pink underwear.

*Shepherd towering over Kucinich and trying to make out with him after not being picked, then reprising the skrit-lifting to make sure Kucinich had the chance to see it.

*The young blonde, in what's safe to call a politically incorrect answer, claiming that if she were First Lady and the Chinese president came to the White House, she assumes he'd be bringing take-out so would order the number 4.

Kucinich ended up choosing Bachelorette number 1, Jennifer Tilly, and seemed genuinely shocked and delighted a the contestants' true identities. One can only assume he would have preferred to stay and have a real interview with Jay before heading out, but instead the vegan and his date were sent to dinner on the show at the raw food eatery Raw.

Kucinich's bachelorhood has been a blessing and a curse. While allowing the media-starved candidate to get some much needed coverage, it comes at a price. Participate in gimmicks (remember' "Who Wants to be a First Lady?" contest?) and risk further ridicule when you'd rather be talking about Iraq and NAFTA, or settle for nothing at all.

Kucinich finds no delegates, but has a good time in late night

NEW YORK CITY, Feb. 3 — Knowing he wouldn't get much airtime on the networks Tuesday night as returns hovering between 0 and 3 percent trickled in, Rep. Kucinich instead took to the airwaves on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.

Kucinich talked about his opposition to the war in Iraq and his belief that the nomination fight will go all the way to the convention, where he'll "have as good a chance as anybody" to win the nod. Problem is, you have to pick up some delegates at some point to get there, and tonight Kucinich scored not a one, despite his best showing yet with 5 percent of the vote in New Mexico.

In between bizarre stunts, like making Kucinich shoot free throws (all three of which he missed) while holding a plastic baby doll, Kilborn actually managed to get Kucinich to talk about things he usually doesn't, such as liking George Bush personally. When challenged during the "Five Questions" segment to name one thing he liked about the president, Kucinich said that "when you meet him, he's a very engaging guy."

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