Dennis Kucinich on the Campaign Trail

Nov. 19 — Rep. Kucinich didn't attend the AARP forum on Tuesday, but he did comment on the gay marriage decision. Kucinich, who supports gay marriage (only fellow underdogs Sharpton and Moseley Braun go that far), said, "This is a basic issue of civil rights. The Democratic party should be behind civil rights for everyone, including gays. This is not something to compromise on or to take halfway steps on or to make political calculations about. This is a question of people's basic civil rights."

But despite his unequivocal support of gay marriage, Kucinich hasn't gotten formal endorsements from the major GLBT groups, although he does get very warm receptions from them. It's somewhat familiar to the Kucinich campaign. The same type of situation arises with unions, who would seem a natural fit for his stance on canceling NAFTA and the WTO, but instead their endorsements have gone to candidates like Dean and Gephardt.

A brief stop in New Mexico

Nov. 18 — Rep. Kucinich spoke to the National Congress of Native Americans Monday morning in Albuquerque, focusing on sovereignty for Native American nations, the Iraq situation and the overall need for "healing" in the country, which Kucinich likes to refer to as "repairing the breach" between races when speaking about racial tensions. The Iraq war was heavy on the audience's minds, as the Congress said special prayers for the two Native Americans who have died in the war so far, one of them being Lori Piestewa, a member of the now-famously ambushed 507 who was Jessica Lynch's best friend.

Although Kucinich was not the only candidate to speak at the event, he might be the only one to regularly include Native American tribal dances and rituals in many of his day-to-day campaign events; on his announcement tour almost every event was kicked off with tribal dances in which he often participated. He appeared touched by the gifts several supporters gave him, including a vessel filled with ashes a group of women prayed over and gave him to plant for himself, as well as a tribal blanket.

The Bachelor, Presidential Candidate-Style

The number of entrants on vying for a chance at a date with Kucinich has jumped to a whopping 39, with only two days left for women to enter. The new entries provide a fresh batch of unique admirers, including a 21-year-old art student and activist who posted a picture of herself spattered in fake blood protesting the war, and whose personal statement reads in part, "i (sic) was very depressed about the options for president until i (sic) heard about him and he seemed to good to be true because he has my politics. i (sic) would love to have a date with dennis (sic). okay, so i'm (sic) a little young, but we are all leftists here, let's not be ageists!"

Or maybe he'd like Christine, a 47-year-old who wants to create a "Love Nest" and convert the Rose Garden into an organic vegetable garden. The last chance to enter is midnight on Wednesday, with "polling" beginning shortly thereafter to decide who gets dinner with Kucinich.

The two faces of Kucinich

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