Dennis Kucinich on the Campaign Trail

Nov. 7 — Congressman Kucinich is spinning Dean's flirtation with opting out as proof that under the sheep's clothing of a radical reformer, people will see a wolf just as susceptible to corporate interests as Bush and the other Democratic candidates, with Kucinich left standing as the only true progressive untainted by corporate donations.

In a statement Kucinich said, "Howard Dean has called for the people to take back America. His attempt to kill public financing will take back America — for the corporations … By ending his commitment to public financing, Dean unwittingly supports the worst fears of the American people that there's really no difference between Democrats and Republicans on the most critical issues affecting the very nature of our democracy. We all know that the current campaign finance system is not perfect. But the answer is not to roll back three decades of progress and return to pre-Watergate standards."

The campaign has even put a mock-up of Dean's posters on its homepage saying "Welcome Former Dean Supporters" with the altered tag line of "The Doctor is Out" at the top (LINK).

As for Dean's imminent coup of SEIU and AFSCME endorsements, Kucinich would only say he hopes that it means Dean is moving toward supporting universal single payer healthcare.

Kucinich talks about finding a running mate

Nov. 6 — In a first for his campaign, Rep. Kucinich may just have been the most talked about candidate in the spin room last night after the Planned Parenthood Candidates Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Responding to the question about what role the candidates' significant others would play in their administrations, the twice-divorced Kucinich had a bit of fun with the notion of being a bachelor president: "Maybe Fox wants to sponsor a national contest!" Over the roar of laughter, Kucinich went on to describe his perfect mate: dynamic, outspoken, dedicated to world peace and universal single payer health care (more laughs from the audience). He finished off with "If you're out there, call me!"

After the forum, when asked if the campaign was setting up an 800 line or Web site section to field potential suitors, Kucinich laughed and told ABC News "I don't think anyone's going to call." Staffers were just happy their boss finally let his guard down and showed his sense of humor, often on full display at more intimate speeches but usually buttoned up at formal group events like debates.

Kucinich also talked about being a dedicated father to his daughter Jackie despite his divorce from her mother, and said he carries a picture of her with him and keeps it on the podium to remind him of his "responsibility to her."

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