Dennis Kucinich on the Campaign Trail

Kucinich will take an early morning commercial flight to New Hampshire tomorrow, where he will give a "State of the State" speech via live webcast to counter the President's State of the Union. He campaigns in New Hampshire through the primary with the exception of a bus tour around Maine on Wednesday.

Let's Make a Deal

The campaign caused a stir Monday afternoon when it announced publicly that Kucinich and Sen. John Edwards would encourage their supporters to caucus with the other candidate in cases of where each candidate was inviable.

Neither campaign expected to make the plan known, and Kucinich and his staffers had for days denied that they were encouraging any second choices, but word leaked and the campaign felt it necessary to clarify that the agreement did not indicate any plans for him to drop out and endorse Edwards or any other candidate. Though rumored to be a possibility all weekend, the Edwards-Kucinich alliance proves the dictum "politics makes strange bedfellows." Kucinich has always had a warm and friendly relationship with Edwards and his wife Elizabeth, who makes a point to seek the Congressman out for a hug and a smile at group events, but his decision speaks more to his feelings about Dean than it does about Edwards.

Outside a rally in Iowa City Monday, Kucinich said that he and Edwards "both share an optimism…a kind of hope about what kind of country we can have." But Edwards voted for the war, which in Kucinich's eyes is the root of all evil in the Democratic Party. Nor does Edwards have a plan to bring U.S troops home, the cornerstone of Kucinich's candidacy.

So why go with him and not the anti-war Dean? The Kucinich camp has felt for a long time that Dean hasn't reached out to their supporters sufficiently, and that Dean actually alienated them by disbursing fliers and other literature claiming that Dean is the only candidate to have opposed the war from the beginning. In Kucinich's eyes, to imply that he voted for the war by lumping him in with the other candidates is the worst insult one could make. And the Dean campaign's justification that Kucinich isn't one of the candidates Dean is referring to-meaning he doesn't see Kucinich as competition-only makes matters worse.

It's difficult to say how the Edwards arrangement worked out in the end, but Kucinich's Iowa political director John Friedrich told ABC News he knows for a fact that Kucinich supporters helped Edwards at various caucus sites throughout the state.

NEW YORK, Jan. 11 —Outside the convention center last night was where one found the true believers. Aboard what they call the "Magic Bus," a group of supporters from various states had pooled their resources to create what one of them called "an expression of our creativity and our politics." Equipped with bunk beds, a small kitchen and only one heater to brave the freezing temperatures, the group takes such loving care of the tattered, Love Bug-era vehicle that they shooed Congressional Quarterly columnist Craig Crawford off the premises when he started to light up a cigarette. But perhaps it's just a particular kind of smoke the travelers dislike -- Crawford claimed upon exiting that the interior smelled like "a Grateful Dead concert."

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