Dennis Kucinich on the Campaign Trail

NEW YORK, Dec. 8 — Kucinich chose not to respond personally to Gore's endorsement of Dean, but his campaign manager Dot Maver not surprisingly tried to give it a positive spin, saying she is "delighted that Al Gore is returning to the political arena and will be a strong voice for change. I look forward to working closely with both Al and Howard after we win the nomination."

The Kucinich campaign may well be one of the few for whom the Gore endorsement really isn't a major blow, since Kucinich could have never expected to get it in the first place and therefore it's not a disappointment. To Kucinich supporters, who feel the two parties have merged into one big receptacle for special interest money, an endorsement from Gore is nothing to brag about.

Kucinich had hoped for five hours of debate prep time but it's now been scaled back to about three or four, and Kucinich has turned down media interviews to maximize it.

Kucinich brings 'em in from the cold

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLA., Dec. 7 — At the Florida convention Saturday, Kucinich had the dubious distinction of not only being the last speaker at an all-day event running an hour and a half late, but also following a rousing speech by Howard Dean. Like a rock concert audience after the stadium lights have finally come up and the encores have finished, the crowd (and the media) filed out in droves as soon as Dean left the room.

The crowd that was left, about a fourth of the original size and full of Kucinich supporters and others wearing Dean T-shirts, gave him a raucous reception. The Kucinitzens stood out as usual as the most creatively dressed supporters at these group events (well, Howard Dean's scrub-wearing fans may have beaten them this time). Many sported brightly colored feather boas and cut-out paper masks with Kucinich's likeness on them, and one excitedly clanged away on a washboard with Kucinich' picture on top.

Even more than usual, Rep. Kucinich railed vociferously against the Iraq war this weekend at events in Iowa, Orlando and New York City. While Iraq has always been the key to his platform, he focused almost exclusively on it and with a great sense of urgency and anger in Iowa, where he hopes to convince voters to send a message about getting out of Iraq by voting for him in the caucuses.

Kucinich has also taken to criticizing Bush more harshly on Afghanistan and is calling for a Congressional investigation of the recent American air attack there that killed nine children.

Kucinich brings 'em in from the cold

NEW YORK, Dec. 4 — Rep. Dennis Kucinich had an action-packed day in Michigan and Wisconsin Thursday, hopscotching from Ann Arbor to East Lansing to Detroit to Milwaukee. Kucinich's Michigan staff was thrilled with the higher than expected turnouts at the events despite cold weather and impending finals at the universities. State Coordinator Bob Alexander claims his candidate has such a far-reaching Michigan organization that the Dean campaign is reacting by organizing more vigilantly. But despite Alexander's dedication and enthusiasm, Kucinich may have cause for concern about his track record. Of the primary campaigns Alexander has worked for since 1975, only Michael Dukakis actually went on to become the nominee.

If He Can Make It There...

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