Kerry: People Still Can Be Swayed

KERRY: Well, I'm going to have a bipartisan relationship, Peter. I think one of the most important responsibilities that I will assume as president is to unite the country.

JENNINGS: No, I'm sorry. What's the evidence for you being the great uniter here? The three people you will have to work across the aisle with -- Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, the Minority Leader or the Majority Leader of the House Tom Delay, and --

KERRY: Well, let's wait and see the outcome of the election. [LAUGHS]

JENNINGS: You accept their ideas?

KERRY: Many of them! Absolutely!

Careless with Words?

JENNINGS: The president and his supporters say that you're careless with words and that that is damaging in the course of the campaign, but dangerous if you became a president.

KERRY: This comes from the American who said, "Bring 'em on!"? This comes from the man who stood up on an aircraft carrier and said "Mission accomplished" when it wasn't accomplished? This comes from the man who, in Cincinnati, said he would take "every precaution, only go with our allies, and plan carefully," and went to war without enough troops? And went to war without the body armor for our troops?

I'm very careful with my words. Very careful.

JENNINGS: Final question, sir, I hope it's not too personal -- what are the last three things you do at night before -- put aside personal matters -- before you turn out the lights and prepare for another Election Day?

KERRY: It depends entirely where I am and what I'm doing. I pray every day, not always last thing before I go to bed, but I pray every day. It depends. Probably talking to my wife is about the last thing I do on the campaign trail. We talk every day, several times a day. Sometimes, if I'm preparing a speech, I'm reading the speech, and I fall asleep and I wake up a few hours later, and glasses are on the floor and the speech is on my stomach, and that's where I am. It depends.

JENNINGS: You don't toss and turn.

KERRY: I don't toss and turn one single bit.

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