Reality Check: Did President Bush Keep Promises From 2006 State of the Union Address?

However, the 109th Congress reached an impasse on illegal immigration, with the House Republican majority insisting on an approach that strongly emphasized enforcement.

Meanwhile, a bipartisan Senate group -- backed by Bush -- sought broader changes, including guest worker programs and pathways to legal status for illegal workers.

Promise Not Kept: Affordable Health Care

In 2006, the president said his administration would "do more" to make health coverage portable, so workers could switch jobs without having to worry about losing their health insurance.

Today, Americans are no closer to having portable health-care coverage, and health care is widely seen as a problem that needs fixing.

Promise Not Kept: Medical Liability Reform Legislation

Arguing that medical malpractice lawsuits drove good doctors out of business, President Bush urged Congress to pass medical liability reform.

The House passed a bill (H.R. 5) that would limit medical malpractice awards, setting a $250,000 limit. The House passed similar bills twice in the 108th Congress, but the measure repeatedly failed in the Senate to draw the 60 votes needed to invoke cloture or limit debate.

In 2006, Senate Republicans offered a new proposal capping liability damages at $750,000. They hoped that it would win them more support than previous bills. However, the measure failed in a vote in the Senate on May 8, 2006.

Promise Not Kept: Baby Boomers Commission

"I ask you to join me in creating a commission to examine the full impact of baby boom retirements on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid," President Bush said in last year's speech.

However, a commission examining the impact of baby boomers does not exist and was never set up.

Promise Not Kept: Make the Research and Development Tax Credit Permanent

President Bush said he would encourage "bolder private-sector initiatives in technology" by proposing to make permanent the R&D tax credit. However, the federal R&D credit is currently expired.

Promise Not Kept: Pass Legislation to Ban Human Cloning

On March, 17, 2005, Republican Sen. Sam Brownback introduced a bill (S. 658) that would amend the Public Health Service Act or prohibit human cloning.

A companion bill was introduced in the House (H.R. 1357) in May 2005 by Republican Rep. Dave Weldon. However, the bills never made it out of committee.

Promise Not Kept: Switch Grass and Other Fuel Technologies

Bush raised eyebrows last year when he called for using switch grass as an alternative source for ethanol, but we are no closer today to seeing that become a reality.

ABC News reported in February 2006 that experts who worked in the alternative fuel industry said that research was already well under way, and that what's really needed was a commercial plant to convert switch grass to ethanol on a large scale.

Promise Not Kept: End Waiting Lists for AIDS Medicines in America

In 2006, President Bush said, "I ask Congress to reform and reauthorize the Ryan White Act, and provide new funding to states, so we end the waiting lists for AIDS medicines in America."

In Washington, the D.C. AIDS Agency has lost count of its cases because it has so many. The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act is federal legislation that addresses the unmet health needs of persons living with HIV disease (PLWH) by funding primary health care and support services.

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