A Biden Problem: Foot in Mouth

Other similar revelations -- news of "borrowing" from speeches by former Democratic icons Robert Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey, the story that he'd received a failing grade in a Syracuse Law School course for plagiarizing a legal article, a C-SPAN video of him telling New Hampshire voters that he'd graduated in the "top half" of his law school class (actual standing: 76 out of 85) -- combined to drive him from the race. The Delaware Supreme Court's board on professional responsibility later ruled that Biden had not violated any rules in the law school incident.

On today's conference call, Biden concluded: "I have no doubt that Jesse Jackson and every other black leader -- Al Sharpton and the rest -- will know exactly what I meant. I have a long, long relationship with these folks, they all know what I was saying?(Obama) is a very special guy, this is a guy that's like catching lightning in a jar."

As to whether Biden's penchant for "straight talk" might eventually hurt his campaign, the senator demurred.

"That will be something for the voters to decide," he said. "I don't see it as the problem you apparently see it. The voters will decide that."

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