Reporter Not Sure Who First Told Her About CIA Operative

Cooper told the jury about working in July 2003 on controversial claims made in President Bush's State of the Union address regarding Iraq's desire to buy uranium in Niger.

Cooper testified that Rove told him, "Don't get too far out on Wilson…a number of things are going to be coming out that would cast him differently."

Cooper also told the jury what Rove said about Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame Wilson: "Rove said she worked on WMD at the agency." Cooper also described a July 12, 2003, conversation he had with Libby where Libby allegedly told the reporter, "I heard that, too," when asked about Wilson's wife.

After the jury was dismissed for lunch the prosecutors and defense raised an issue with Judge Walton about the next witness who will be testifying -- FBI Agent Deborah Bond.

In an effort to show Libby's frame of mind in July 2003, the prosecution wanted to submit a note from Libby after a conversation he had with Mary Matalin about how to deal with the Wilson-Niger issue.

On the note Libby wrote, "Wilson is a snake."

Libby was seeking consultation from the vice president's former communications director.

Judge Walton did not seem inclined to allow the note into evidence when Bond testifies. Bond replaced John Eckenrode as the lead FBI agent on the investigation.

Tim Russert of NBC may testify after Bond, but, as usual, Fitzgerald was tight-lipped about when Russert will be called.

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