Congress Seeks to Define 'Timetable' in Iraq Legislation

"It's clear Congressman Boehner's new timetable for Iraq has less to do with the troops coming home, and has everything to do with his fear that House Republicans will be sent home," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel, R-Ill., chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.

Over on the Senate side, Reid added that Boehner "now seems to be saying that he and his colleagues agree that there must be a time limit on the president's current course in Iraq. What's also revealing and somewhat disturbing is that the Republican Leader is willing to allow our troops to stay in Iraq with a failing strategy until he and his colleagues decide it's time to part with the president."

Monday, McConnell said he generally agreed with Boehner's remarks, though instead of the fall he said, "the time to take a serious look at where we are and what comes next is late summer"

Democrats and Republicans in both chambers advised that everything was in flux. Obey had not yet presented his bill to the Democratic leadership, though he was scheduled to meet with them Monday afternoon.

McConnell said he assumed he would meet some time this week with Reid, and White House chief of staff Josh Bolten, though nothing had yet been scheduled.

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf, Vic Ratner and Dean Norland contributed to this report.

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