Brother of State Dept. Official Linked to Blackwater

"To have been in contact with your brother and to have your brother tell you that he was not involved in Blackwater and then to find out at a hearing that he actually attended and then left, and to find out he's connected, is a pretty outrageous thing. He has done you tremendous damage by that," Shays said.

"Wouldn't it make sense, given your position, to have been upfront with your brother, to say, 'Since I investigate everything the State Department does, I need to know any contact that you have, because I need to recuse myself,'" Shays said. "Now, the other argument could be, 'Don't tell me anything you have, because then I'm not in conflict.' But the problem is nobody's going to believe you, frankly."

Krongard was also grilled by lawmakers about other allegations made by seven current and former officials in the IG's office during the course of Waxman's two-month investigation, such as "inadequate oversight of the construction of the Baghdad embassy," "refusal to pursue charges of procurement fraud implicating Dyncorp," and "failure to assist a Justice Department investigation of Blackwater for arms smuggling."

Waxman called Krongard's reign as inspector general is one of "reckless incompetence," but Republicans defended him against what Shays called "salacious allegations," "personal attacks," and "shallow, drive-by assaults." The harshest criticisms that Republicans directed at Krongard were in a staff report that denounced his "extraordinarily abusive management style."

Krongard admitted that he "sometimes clashed with a minority of people in [his office] that were resistant to change" but was adamant that he "never had any political ties whatsoever," has "never met or spoken with the president or any other person in the White House" and has "never impeded any investigation."

Tom Shine contributed to this report.

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