Analysis: Clinton on the high wire

The 25-minute speech focused on policy and warned of the risks of four more years of GOP rule, and she mentioned Obama's name more than a dozen times.

But Clinton didn't talk about Obama in personal terms. She didn't address criticisms she made during the primaries that he lacked the experience to handle the demands of the presidency.

And she didn't discuss what would happen during today's roll-call vote. The Obama team has been anxious to avoid a 50-state roll call that might spotlight a closely divided convention.

Watching and applauding in the audience was former president Bill Clinton, whose speech to the convention tonight will be another test of party unity.

Obama, who was campaigning in Billings, Mont., called the Clintons after the speech, thanking him for his support and congratulating her on her speech. He said he loved one particular line she used: "No way, no how, no McCain."

Drafting the remarks had been no easy task. Speechwriter Jonathan Lovett, former communications aide Jim Kennedy and former White House aide Lissa Muscatine — pulled an all-nighter Monday working on them. At mid-afternoon Tuesday, Clinton was making last-minute revisions, and the text wasn't released until she was walking on stage.

In the Texas delegation, a group of Clinton supporters watched, applauded and got teary-eyed. Arika Kulhavy of Nacogdoches cried through the speech. Shondra Wygal, 36, who works for Senate candidate Rick Noriega, called it "awesome."

"I am sad that she didn't come out on the top, but I am a Democrat first," Wygal said, so she'll support Obama in November. First, she wants to cast her convention ballot for Hillary.

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