Nixon's Tapes Reveal His Reservations and Motivations

Both men realized that what they decided would result in more anti-war demonstrations and that the bombing and mining may not work.

The bombing was to include Hanoi and result in worldwide criticism of the United States as well as renewed anti-war protests at home.

Nixon: President Should Do Good Things Every Day

In a Dec. 9, 1972, conversation, Nixon told his daughter, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, that the purpose of the presidency is "to do good things every day."

As examples, he told Julie he called billionaire J. Paul Getty and conservative economist Milton Friedman to wish them well as they recuperated from surgery.

Nixon: Scali Would Do 'A Hell of a Job'

The day after Christmas 1972, Nixon spoke to his chief counsel Charles Colson about former ABC News diplomatic correspondent John Scali, whom he had chosen as ambassador to the United Nations to replace George H.W. Bush.

Nixon said Kissinger fought the appointment "tooth and nail" because he had an obsessive belief that Scali leaked information about him.

But Nixon liked Scali, who he said was tough, unlike Bush, who he dubbed as a "sweet guy, but not a tough guy."

Despite his well-known aversion to journalists, Nixon thought Scali would do "a hell of a job" as a U.N. ambassador.

Nixon added that Kissinger was "paranoid" about leaking, but that he was the one who does the leaking.

Scali was initially suggested by Colson himself, after Nixon had indicated he wanted an Italian in the Cabinet.

Scali was not Italian, but Nixon said, "he'll take orders."

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