Transcript: Terry Moran Interviews President Obama

There are downsides to that. You're seeing the displacement of a lot of people in those battle zones. And I'm very worried that we, as an international community, are helping Pakistan to deal with those people who've been displaced because we don't want that to be a new recruitment tool for radicals saying that, you know, you've been chased out of your home because of Pakistan, which that kind of propaganda I think is something that we have to be careful about.

I think that the Pakistani government in the past has been -- has tried to take the tiger by the tail and use in some cases, you know, militants to their advantage strategically. And I think they now realize that that was a mistake and my hope is that we're going to see them continue to take seriously the threat not simply to us, but, probably more acutely, the threat to Pakistan.

MORAN: Last question.

As you know there's a lot of curiosity about you and what you do, what you wear, all these things. And where you worship. If I may ask, how has -- how have the responsibilities of the presidency affected your spiritual life, if at all?

OBAMA: Well, I had a habit of praying every night before I go to bed. I pray all the time now (laughter).

Because I've got a lot of stuff on my plate and I need guidance all the time. We haven't selected a permanent church home in D.C. I mentioned earlier that with all the transitions for the girls, but also, still trying to figure out how to move this big apparatus called the presidency without being hugely disruptive to congregations. How do we time that, how do we think about that? That's something we're still sorting out.

You know, we've been attending church -- there's a little chapel up in Camp David when we go up there. There's a wonderful young pastor up there -- chaplain -- who does just wonderful work. And the Camp David families attend.

And I get -- this is one use of my BlackBerry. My Faith and Neighborhood Initiatives Director Joshua DuBois, he has a devotional that he sends to me on my BlackBerry each day. That's how I start my morning. You know, he's got a passage, scripture, in some cases quotes from other faiths to reflect on.

But, look, you know, when you're in this job I think that every president whose had it is constantly humbled by the degree to which there are a lot of issues out there and the notion that one person alone can solve all these problems I think you're cured of that illusion very quickly. This is something where you just hope that you are aligning your work with His purposes and that you're attuned to the needs of the people you're there to serve.

MORAN: Well, good luck.

OBAMA: All right. Thank you.

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