The Play-by-Play on Health Care

"This is the biggest issue, arguably, the biggest domestic issue, we'll ever have," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said today. "Sixteen percent of our economy, everybody cares about health care, it affects each of us in a very personal way… And what we hear from the American people, they're saying, 'Whoa, slow down, make sure of what you're doing before you go forward,' because many of Americans are concerned they're going to lose their own health care."

The Latest From the White House:

Obama plans to travel to North Carolina and Virginia Wednesday for more health care events. Gibbs said today the president will continue to make his case for health care reform until he gets a bill.

The White House is pitching its plan to various demographic groups, including, for instance, small business owners.

"The vast majority of small businesses, they'll see their burdens absolutely lessened by the expansion of coverage," Dr. Christina Romer, chairwoman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, said Monday. "So they are absolutely going to be more competitive."

On Thursday, Obama said it was "OK" if senators postpone the vote until after his initial August deadline.

"My attitude is, I want to get it right, but I also want to get it done promptly," Obama said at a town hall meeting Thursday in Cleveland. "And so as long as I see folks working diligently and consistently, then I am comfortable with moving a process forward that builds as much consensus as possible."

ABC News' Jonathan Karl, John Hendren, Jake Tapper, Karen Travers, Rick Klein, Yunji de Nies, Theresa Cook and Huma Khan contributed to this report.

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