TRANSCRIPT: 911 Call And Police Radio Dispatches in the Arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr.

DISPATCH: Alright police are on their way you can meet them when they get there. What's your last name?

CALLER: Yeah, my name is (censored)

DISPATCH: Ok they're on their way.

CALLER: OK. OK I guess I'll wait. Thanks.

CONTROL1: Control to Car 1, 18-4-0.


CONTROL1: Respond to 17 Ware Street for a possible B-D in progress, two S-P's barged their way into the home. They have suitcases. (inaudible) S-P. Standby. Trying to get further.

OFFICER1: 52-0. Ware Street right now, 17?

CONTROL1: 17 Ware Street, uhm, both S-P's are still in the house, unknown on the race. Ah, one may be Hispanic I'm not sure.

OFFICER1: Is there an apartment number there?

CONTROL1: Negative on the apartment. Single family yellow house.

OFFICER1: (inaudible)

OFFICER1: You have the (inaudible) coming in the front door?

CONTROL1: I'm sorry, repeat?

OFFICER1: Do you have the caller coming to the front door?

CONTROL1: Not her house, she doesn't live there. She's a witness in this.

OFFICER2: C-13 to control, I'm on Broadway, I'm going to respond.

CONTROL1: Received.

OFFICER3: 52 (inaudible)

CONTROL2: Answering 52.

OFFICER3: A (inaudible) gentlemen says he resides here, but uncooperative. Uh, keep the cars coming.


OFFICER3: Can you also send the Harvard University police this way?

CONTROL2: Ah, we can send them in.

CONTROL1: 13 and 5-2 when you get a chance I need to talk to you.

OFFICER3: 52 Control.

OFFICER2: Answering.

OFFICER(unknown): Can have a (inaudible) escape.

OFFICER(unknown): Channel 2.

OFFICER2: C-13's off.


OFFICER1: 52's on 2.

CONTROL2: Answering 52.

OFFICER1: Going to give the name of the resident, a Henry Louis Gates Jr. of the Harvard faculty.

CONTROL2: Sir can you repeat?

CONTROL2: Control to 52.

CONTROL2: (inaudible) 52.

CONTROL2: Control to 52.

CONTROL2: Control to Car 52.

OFFICER1: (inaudible)

CONTROL2: 52 go back to channel 2.

OFFICER4: One's on.

CONTROL2: (inaudible) Car 52.

UNKNOWN: (inaudible)

UNKNOWN: 18 I didn't copy 52's last when he got on 2.

OFFICER(unknown): Right, standby.

CONTROL2: Control to 1-R.

OFFICER4: I'm off on Ware Street with 52.

CONTROL2: I received.

OFFICER(unknown): This is (inaudible) do we have a wagon coming to the location?

CONTROL2: Control to wagon.

WAGON: Wagon.

CONTROL2: Uh 17 Ware Street.

WAGON: Copy.

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