Son of L. Patrick Gray Says Claims About His Father Are 'Categorically False'

Gray was indicted in 1978 for authorizing illegal break-ins related to the investigation of the Weather Underground -- as was Felt -- but the charges against Gray were dropped. Felt was convicted and later pardoned by President Reagan.

Hunt was convicted of conspiracy, wiretapping and burglary and served 33 months in prison. Dean, charged with obstruction of justice, spent four months in prison. Ehrlichman was convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice and perjury in the Watergate case as well as conspiracy in the plot to steal files from the psychiatrist of Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers. He served 18 months in prison.

Gray says he recalls "on the original dust jacket for 'All the President's Men,' there are 14 faces" of Nixon aides, and "every single one of them was convicted or pleaded guilty in one shape or another -- except for my father."

Before the Senate Watergate hearings in August 1973, Gray -- a Navy veteran who served in two wars -- testified that "in the service of my country I withstood hours and hours of depth-charging, shelling, bombing, but I never expected to run into a Watergate in the service of a president of the United States. And I ran into a buzz saw, obviously."

Gray says his father "detests all of those people, all of the people who were criminally involved. It altered his world view in a way from which he's never recovered."

Not that Patrick Gray is any fan of Felt, whose recent unmasking "is terribly distressing to my father," Ed Gray said. This is not just because Felt was a source for the Post, but that "he was having clandestine meetings ... [and] passing information to Woodward long before the Watergate break-in occurred," as Woodward recently noted. "So he was violating his oath and trust long before" Watergate began.

"There was nothing right about what Mark Felt did," Ed Gray said. "His options were real simple. Everything he felt needed to be pursued he needed to come to my father and tell him."

But what of the fact that his father had destroyed evidence on behalf of the White House? Couldn't that have shaken Felt's ability to trust his boss? "Nobody knew that until April of 1973," Ed Gray said.

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