Sunday Sound: Heard on 'This Week'

11) WILL: I was on an airline the other day. And as we pulled up to the gate, the flight attendant came on and said, "We thank you for flying Delta," I think it was. "We know you have your choice of bankrupt airlines." I mean, the fact is, airlines go bankrupt. They don't disappear. And if General Motors had gone bankrupt..... they wouldn't have disappeared. They'd have been reorganized differently.

12) SCHMIDT: Well, if you looked at it over the last couple of decades, the rate of inequality has increased dramatically. And it's particularly concentrated around the difference between college educated and not. From my perspective, there's a -- a fairness argument. And I personally believe that the top 1 percent need to share more. And they can share that in many, many ways, including philanthropy. But the fact of the matter is that we have to have a -- a growing middle class and we have to also worry about this generation that's currently unemployed that are in their '20s. One of the things we haven't talked about is youth unemployment in -- in America is very, very bad. In their 20s, 25 percent, depending on which surveys. And so I worry not just about the haves and -- the haves and the really haves, but I also worry about the people who are not entering the economic system when they should be over the next few years.

13) KRUGMAN: … By not having enough jobs in the economy right now, by not doing stimulus, by not ending this depression, we are condemning a lot of recent college graduates to not getting a job that makes use of their skills. This is destroying people's lives. It's destroying human capital. We're paying a huge price.

14) WILL: K through 12 education - We have the shortest school year in the industrial world…. We have a school year designed in the late 19th century for a ranching and farming nation when the children are needed on the ranches and farms in the late spring and early fall that's of limited relevance in Detroit today… We ought to be in school at least another month a year.

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