Texas Land Commissioner Race 2014: ABC News' '14 For '14'

PHOTO: George P. Bush speaks during the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, June 18, 2011.

ABC News' "14 For 14" project is documenting 14 races that matter between now and November. This page will be updated throughout the year. See the full list of 2014 midterm election contests the ABC News political team is tracking.


George P. Bush
Attorney, served on the Hispanic Steering Committee for Romney for President in 2012.
Age: 38 (born: April 24, 1976)

John Cook
Served as mayor of El Paso from 2005-2013.
Age: 68 (born: February 27, 1946)


It’s been nearly five years since there was a Bush in elected office, the longest lapse in 32 years. The “Hispanic George Bush” - the grandson and the nephew of former presidents -- is seeking to change that, in a race that could speak to GOP efforts to appeal to Latino voters for years to come. Bush is looking to snag the little-known but powerful office of Texas Land Commissioner, a traditional launching pad for state and national politics. George P. Bush hopes to spur a renaissance for the family’s place in Republican politics, one that could work for others of his generation. He is a fluent Spanish speaker (the son of a mother born in Mexico) who can appeal to the growing population of Hispanic Americans. The political world will be watching Texas to see if another political star can be born from Bush blood.


Bush crushed his primary opponent, Republican David Watts, and is expected to coast fairly easily through the general election. Democrats haven’t won a statewide election in the state since 2004. Bush so far has raised more than $3 million.


Safe Republican


March 4, 2014: Party Primaries

November 4, 2014: General election


A Tale of Two Bushes: One Runs on His Name, the Other … Not So Much
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