Transcript: ABC News' David Muir Interviews Mitt Romney


Romney: You know, I was referring to press reports before I even got to London that suggested the organizing committee was having some challenges, just like the challenges we had in salt lake city but you know what, they overcame them. I was there for two days the games were carried out without a hitch so as far as I'm able to tell, despite the challenges that any organizing committee faces, they were able to organize games that had been so far so good, picture perfect.

Muir: If you got a do over would you answer it the same way?

Romney: I tend to tell people what I actually believe and referring to the comments that were made in the media was something which I felt was an honest reflection of what was being concerned what was concerning folks and having had the experience I'm absolutely convinced the organizing committee did what people hoped which is overcome the challenges and produced a brilliant product.

Muir: Governor, strategists in both campaigns have said that you cannot underestimate how important these debates are going to be and they are quickly approaching this fall. I'm curious have you begun to prep for those debates?

Romney: Well we've had no practice debates and no you know sample answers…

Muir: No binders?

Romney: I do have policy briefings that I get regularly but we haven't really begun the detailed process in which you call debate prep. But we've had meetings where we discuss the kinds of issues that are likely to come up talk about the possible responses, talked about the format at the debates, so we discuss the debates. And I'll be prepared. Don't forget we had about 20 debates in the republican primary process

Muir: I remember -

Romney: I'll draw on that experience but there's a lot that we'll do at getting prepared for these debates with President Obama. I think as you suggest they'll be very important because the rhetoric will be met with response and if there's ever been something which is said which is untrue, then the truth will come out.

Muir: Do you think the President is going to be a formidable opponent on that debate stage?

Romney: Absolutely. The president was a very effective debater in the last round, he's a brilliant orator I would expect him to be very effective on the debate stage. I don't think it will come down to a selection of words I think it'll come down to a selection of course. What is the path that America wants to follow. And I think you'll see two very dramatic contrasts as to which is the best course for the middle income Americans and my view is my course will put people back to work with rising wages and bright prospects and I think that course will ultimately be successful.

Muir: The Wall itself, I know that you and Ann just returned from your visit to the Western Wall before sitting down here with me. I would not ask you what you wrote in your note but I am curious, did you and Ann share with each other what you were going to leave at the Western Wall?

Romney: Yes before we went to the wall we both sat down and wrote prayers, and you know I read to her what I had written and she read to me what she wrote. My thoughts were in regards to peace, my family my wife and the source of our salvation.

Muir: I wish you and Ann the best on this continued journey. Thank you for your time. Romney: Thank you.

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