TRANSCRIPT: Female Senators Sit Down With Diane Sawyer


She said, "I'll go home and ask my husband." That doesn't happen today. Women have come forward, women are proud of us. There is in my view no jealousy, no envy which once was there. There is an understanding of the arena. There is a sense that we carry them with us when we go. And so I really think that the electorate has changed in this regard. Women can be mobilized and women can cast that vote and really be effective. And you see it in race after race--


FEMALE VOICE: And the number one fundraiser in the country this cycle--?(GESTURES TO ELIZABETH WARREN)


SENATOR CLAIRE MCCASKILL: --raised more money than any other candidate for the U.S. Senate-- that is a sea change because there were many, many times that women failed because they had not-- were not comfortable with, had not gotten the skill of networking in order to raise the money you've gotta raise unfortunately.


SENATOR PATTY MURRAY: And Diane, I think that-- one of the reasons that you see women work well together and try to accomplish things is because we do have that sense of responsibility. And I remember when it was just six of us back in 1992 actually saying to each other, "We want to succeed not just for us but so that other women will come here too." And Senator Mikulski led us in that. So if you want to succeed for other women to be able to be successful, then you want to accomplish things. And I think that's something we all share.


SENATOR AMY KLOBUCHAR: Someone once said that-- someone once said that women candidates speak softly and carry a big statistic (LAUGHTER) and I do not-- I do not agree with the speaks softly part, but the carry the big statistic idea is what Patty was just referring to, that we have to be more accountable. We are the pioneers out here for other women and we have to show that we can actually get this done.


DIANE SAWYER: Senator Fischer, I saw you nodding your head.

SENATOR DEB FISCHER: I just came through a very historic election in Nebraska. I'm the first woman to be elected as United States senator. I'm the first rural senator since the early 1970s. I'm the-- first in a long time to be-- directly elected from the state legislature to the United States Senate and someone who's-- directly involved in agriculture. It's been a long time.

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