TRANSCRIPT: Female Senators Sit Down With Diane Sawyer


So the-- it was an historic election. But what was really fun about it were the number of mothers and fathers who brought their daughters up to me during the campaign and said, "Can we get a picture? Can we get a picture?" Because people realize it and-- things do change, things do change.


SENATOR DEB FISCHER: But I think it all comes into play. It's not just-- it's not just gender. You know, we all have-- different life experiences as Tammy said that we're bringing here whether you're from a very urban area or a very rural area, whether you're a woman or a man-- what your occupation is, what your family experiences are, those are the-- those are the experiences that will change this country.

FEMALE VOICE: That's kind of the--

SENATOR MAZIE HIRONO: I agree. When diversity is represented, you know, in-- not just in terms of gender but race, then that makes for in my view a stronger country, and we have a ways to go. And I'm glad that more women are getting involved in politics. And-- and I tell you, I give-- my hat's off to Kirsten for pushing forward with her Off The Sidelines-- program because I think that makes real difference in-- in a practical way to get more women-- engaged in politics-- to learn how to raise money, to write those checks, that's still not that easy for women.

SENATOR JEANNE SHAHEEN: It's not maybe, and one of the-- one of the responsibilities I think all of us feel-- I-- I know I do, is that even though we've broken the glass ceiling there are an awful lot of women-- throughout the country and throughout the world who still face enormous challenges. And one of the things that we've gotta do is to continue to open doors for women in all sorts of areas where they are still underrepresented, underpaid and undervalued.

DIANE SAWYER: Senator Warren and Senator Feinstein and then--

SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN: I was just gonna say one other thing. If you take a big issue that men have not been able to solve, it's the issue of climate change. Barbara has headed that for us for a number of years, she's gotten people together. You listen to speakers, you talk about it. We've had three bills up, every bill has failed in the Senate, and yet climate is changing and the earth is warming.

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