Transcript: 10 Freshmen Lawmakers Talk With Diane Sawyer


DIANE SAWYER: Let me-- let me turn, if I can, to health care. Because of our limited time. Speaker-- Former Speaker Pelosi said-- yesterday, "Are you really now ready to say to the American People that what you want is that children who have preexisting conditions should no longer have health insurance? That women with breast cancer should be dumped by their insurance companies? As it was before this legislation. 26-year-old children whom you've just put onto your health care can no longer be on your health care? And-- and the elderly who need to fill that prescription drug across the-- the donut hole, are gonna be paying another thousand dollars a year for their drugs. Are you ready to say to them 'do it. Sacrifice'"?

SCOTT TIPTON: Then we ask the other side of the question as well.

DIANE SAWYER: "Suck it up."

SCOTT TIPTON: To current Speaker Pelosi. "Are you willing other have tax increases on people that are struggling to be able to feed their families right now because a portion of their insurance is being paid by their employer?"

DIANE SAWYER: So, you're saying if this price has to be paid--

SCOTT TIPTON: "Are you willing to put more burdens on small business--"

DIANE SAWYER: --to vote down--

SCOTT TIPTON: "--for every $600 purchase with your 1099s-- that are being put into place? Are you willing to surrender that opportunity to be able to make those choices between you and your doctor and have them handle that in Washington, D.C.?" So, there's another part of the equation. And I think--

DIANE SAWYER: So, in the balance--

SCOTT TIPTON: --not to speak for everyone--

MICHAEL GRIMM: But there's a part--

SCOTT TIPTON: --there are some elements that are good.

MICHAEL GRIMM: --there are some elements in this discussion. Everyone focused on the fact, like the Speaker said, of what we're taking away. With the left hand we need to repeal Obamacare because it's an economy crushing, job killing bill. Period. It is a mess.

DIANE SAWYER: Even if it means saying these things--

MICHAEL GRIMM: Well, but the right-- that's the left hand.

MICHAEL GRIMM: The right hand should be writing new legislation.

MARLIN STUTZMAN: That's not necessarily what it says. I mean, I grew up on a farm. I didn't have health insurance until I was 24 years old. So, I didn't even know I was poor until the government told me I was poor. (LAUGH) And, you know, that's the problem with Washington. And-- and today's society. People, we have an independent spirit about us. We find ways of getting the job done. States can take care of health care issues rather than the federal government. Let them be more--

DIANE SAWYER: But again, you know, the Democrats have-- have been saying, "This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you have to say to people, right now, now you'll have to pay that extra thousand dollars a year for your--"

RAND PAUL Only if you define it--

RAND PAUL: It's a regulatory issue. Only if you define it as an either/or situation. "Well, either we have Obamacare or we have kids that have no insurance and will go barefoot and running in the street." It's not always an either/or situation.

DIANE SAWYER: But it was-- it's as it was before.

RAND PAUL: Well, and as it was before, wasn't perfect. Let's say for example I have a heart attack today because of all these horribly tough questions you're giving me. (LAUGHTER) And I have this heart attack, my--

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