Transcript: 10 Freshmen Lawmakers Talk With Diane Sawyer


MICHAEL GRIMM: I looked at it as the Congress as a whole has been anything but responsible. We've become addicted to borrowing and spending. And an adult when-- when you have a child that is-- whether it be not studying. Whether it be doing whatever is inappropriate that is not gonna advance their future, the adult steps in and says, "We can't do this anymore." And you explain why to the child. And you try to help that child along. That's what we need to do here in Congress. The-- the addiction to borrowing and spending needs to stop. And that's an adult-- that's-- and that's not an easy thing to do, because let's be honest. We are addicted to spending.


DIANE SAWYER: As you know the Democrats have been citing a couple of examples that they say, "Hey, this is hypocrisy." For instance, farm subsidies. As we know, Congressman, you've received farm subsidies for your farm in the past. And-- and not the only one. Are you ready to vote against all farm subsidies? Just-- that's $20 billion by one estimate at least.

VICKY HARTZLER: Well, I think everything should be on the table. And-- yes, there's a lot of peop-- a lot of us farmers that have participated in a program. And-- and most American farmers do, as do most people take housing tax credits on the-- when they have house. I mean, there are programs that are in place now that people use. But right now, we need to do the adult thing, the hard thing. Not the easy thing. And we need to put everything on the table. And as I sit at home, I think we need to evaluate it by a certain criteria. And ask the tough questions. "Is this program Constitutional? Is it needed? Is it working?"

DIANE SAWYER: What's your view right now?

VICKY HARTZLER: "Is it efficient?"

DIANE SAWYER: What's your view right now? Would you vote tomorrow to say, "Let's get within--" and Congressman Stutzman, 100-- 100,000, I believe--


DIANE SAWYER: --for your farm's in the past.

MARLIN STUTZMAN: I would vote to eliminate farm subsidies. It manipulates the market. And that's the problem here in Washington. The adult conversation, I think, has to be, "No, we can't do all of these things. We can't afford this federal government." And whether it starts with-- with-- farm subsidies and that's an easy one to target us with, absolutely. Because it manipulates the market.

DIANE SAWYER: Congressman, agree?

VICKY HARTZLER: I'm-- I'm ready to-- to start the discussion and look at it?

MALE VOICE: Because there's--

DIANE SAWYER: Not a yes? Not a yes yet?

VICKY HARTZLER: No-- farmers seem to be-- targeted un-- unfairly a lot with this particular program. And-- I think we need to make sure everything is looked at before we just pick on the farmers.

MICHAEL GRIMM: In fairness to my colleague, I think that what she said was correct. Every single thing needs to be put on the table. Because the-- the pain should be shared by everyone. It wouldn't be fair for-- a congressman from a certain district to say, "Listen, I understand we all have-- hard times, but I have to have this for my district. And everyone else can share the pain." It's going to have to be 50 states and every district that-- that shares this, because it is-- it is a problem that we-- we're all in. We're all in this boat together.

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