Transcript: 10 Freshmen Lawmakers Talk With Diane Sawyer



SENATOR MIKE LEE: Winds of change are all around us. They're unmistakable. And what's happening this week reflects-- profound change that-- was signaled in the 2010 election cycle. This is-- a cycle that will continue well into the 2012 cycle. And I think we'll see more of the same. We have great reason to be optimistic. Seven or eight months ago, people were talking about the need for a new stimulus package, about the need for more new government spending. Now we're talking not about whether to cut but how much.

DIANE SAWYER: Congressman?

GUINTA: Well I would say humility. (CLEARS THROAT) It-- it-- you have to bring humility to every decision and-- and legislative debate.

DIANE SAWYER: What's the biggest thing you learned in seven months? What's the big-- the biggest surprise?

GUINTA: It's harder to change this place than you'd think. But we are making progress. And that we have changed the debate in the first seven months in this country, tremendously.

DIANE SAWYER: How are you gonna vote?

GUINTA: I'm still reading the bill, as we speak, this-- this latest measure. And-- I can't make a decision until I've completed reading it.

DIANE SAWYER: Inclination?

GUINTA: Well, I've got some issues with it, like many people do. It's-- a dynamic that, again, has a great amount of cuts, changing--

DIANE SAWYER: But last time--

MALE VOICE: --the debate. ' DIANE SAWYER: --we talked, you said, "If we get two days till the debt ceiling vote, it's just not a responsible thing to come that close." You-- you said specifically that-- that you really have to have true compromise to govern. ' GUINTA: Well, and we passed two pieces of legislation out of the House. One of which I cosponsored and cut, cap, and balance. That should have been the vehicle. That made the most sense. And unfortunately, the Senate tabled it, so now we've got to new-- hand dealt to us. So I'm still committing to making sure that I read every piece of legislation, particularly this one-- where we got it early this morning. I'm going through it. And I've gotta make that very difficult decision on behalf of my constituents. And that's what I need to do.

DIANE SAWYER: Congressman, how are you voting?

TIPTON: You know, I'm looking at the bill as well. We received it-- I looked at my phone at 2:38 this morning. As when the actual piece of legislation is being presented to us-- we're going to-- we're taking a look at it. Obviously there's a template from the original Boehner bill. I added and concur-- you pointed out very specifically that waiting 'till the 11th hour, I think there's a lot of frustration particularly out of House freshmen. We had an opportunity. We passed cut, cap and balance. Senator Reid chose to table it and then was wringing his hands-- over the lateness of the hour. There was an opportunity for us to be able to sit down and visit at that time. That being said, it is what it is, but we're going to go through it and--

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