Transcript: Mitt and Ann Romney's Interview With Diane Sawyer


I understand America's economy because I've lived in it. I can connect with America's economy because I know it. I don't connect with President Obama because he doesn't understand the economy. He doesn't understand what it takes to get jobs for the American people. I do, and I want to use that experience to get America right again and to make sure that I can look at the-- the faces of moms and dads and say, "I can make your life better and I'm going to make the life of your kids better. So when they come out of college or out of high school they know there's a good job waiting."

DIANE SAWYER: And you would say to them?

ANN ROMNEY: You know-- I got to know Michelle, she's a lovely person. I've never-- met Barack Obama, but I-- I believe it's-- Mitt's time. I believe that the country-- needs the kind of leadership that he-- is going to be able to offer. And I believe he is the person that can turn around this economy. So I think it is-- it's our turn now.

DIANE SAWYER: Thank you both so much. Thank you for letting us come and be with both of you, especially at this incredible crossroads. Here it goes.

MITT ROMNEY: Thank you, Diane. I'm glad you came to Boston.

Note: This transcript has been edited for clarity and brevity.

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