Transcript: Mitt and Ann Romney's Interview With Diane Sawyer


The-- the time to negotiate is when people are concerned that if they don't negotiate they might lose something. And we unfortunately by-- this-- this president has made it far more difficult for our troops in Afghanistan by announcing the day that our combat troops will come out, by announcing the day that all of our troops will come out. In a setting of that nature why would the Taliban do anything besides say, "Oh well, fine, I'm just going to wait for that date."

DIANE SAWYER: So is this the happiest time of the campaign so far for you?

ANN ROMNEY: I-- probably I'd say that's a yes. Yes, it's-- it's-- it's a hard thing for families to go through which is again why I said after-- four years ago I said I would never do this again-- was pretty emphatic about that. Because it is a stressful time and my hearts go out to anyone that participates in this event. It is a very stressful thing and you put your heart and soul in it. And you believe in yourself and you believe in the person that you're supporting. And so it's-- it's a very tough thing.

DIANE SAWYER: The last few days have catapulted you right into the center of the spotlight. Do you think President and Mrs. Obama are biased against mothers who work at home?

ANN ROMNEY: You know, I-- I don't. I think there was a comment that was made-- and it was-- an unfortunate comment and I believe-- a lot of women are responding to that because it was an unfortunate comment.

DIANE SAWYER: We heard that MSNBC apparently taped last night at a fundraiser that-- and you said it was a birthday gift to you to criticize you as a mom?

ANN ROMNEY: That wasn't how I meant it. It was a birthday gift to me because I love the fact that we're talking about this. Because I have been on the trail with Mitt for a long time, nearly a year. We've been to 35 states and the thing that happens, Mitt goes in the-- on the rope line and he gets mobbed. And then I go to the other side of the rope line and I go and talk to people. And I'm-- there's so many women that are there and I'm like, "Why are you guys here? What is-- what's motivating you? What are you talking about? What are you thinking? What are you feeling?" And it's really interesting the response I get. Number one which is so fabulous for me and it's so endearing to me is they say they praying for me which is so touching to me, it nearly makes me cry. The other thing they say is I am so worried about the deficit spending and the economy and my husband's job, my job, my child's job. That's all they're talking about. And I have been hearing this now for a year. And I've been-- after all of this and all this time when everyone else is talking about everything else. And I'm like, "Wait a minute, I know what's going on. I know what's happening. I know what people care about. I know what women are talking about."

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