Transcript: Hillary Clinton's Final Television Interview as Secretary of State


Clinton: Similarly with North Korea we have just brought together the international community, including China, in a new set of sanctions concerning the missile program. Nobody is satisfied with what these two countries are attempting to do. But we have to keep a coalition of concerned countries together in the gulf and the broader region around Iran which are the ones most at risk if this pursuit continues and succeeds, and in Northeast Asia.

Our policy with Iran is prevention. The president has made that really clear. We've taken no option off the table, and we are pursuing diplomatic efforts but there's a time table to this. You can't do it just for the sake of doing it. And with respect to North Korea, we've made it very clear to the North Koreans, and to everybody in the region, that if North Korea pursues their missile and nuclear weapon program, we would consider that a threat to the United States and would have to take very tough action.

McFadden: Secretary Clinton, thank you so much for talking to us.

Clinton: Thank you Cynthia, good to talk to you.

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