US Eyes Broader Syrian Strike to Include Bombers


He also provided another hint when he told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday that some countries in the region would indirectly support the limited strike through "basing and overflight."

When Dempsey was asked if Turkey had granted permission for the use of its airbases to the United States, Dempsey said he could only talk about that in a classified setting. He also volunteered the same would hold for questions about Jordan and other countries.

A U.S. official confirms that the White House is also considering a separate proposal to have the U.S. military begin training Syrian rebel fighters in Jordan. Currently the CIA is running a small training program for vetted Syrian rebel fighters there . The thinking is that the U.S. military could broaden that training. The official says the proposal had been presented prior to the discussion of a limited military strike against Syria and is not tied to the current congressional debate.

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