106-Year-Old Woman Visits the White House

Virginia McLaurin fulfills her dream of visiting the President and First Lady.
3:01 | 02/22/16

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Transcript for 106-Year-Old Woman Visits the White House
And now it's time for the next turning a hundred is based. Yes turning a 106 is even greater human rights if you will although hundreds hundreds it's all those who wants to do is meet. President mrs. Obama. It's not pretty incredible that you got to take a look at her she is just whooped. The look 106 year old Virginian but a more it. And this district three to visit the White House and to meet President Obama during Black History Month not analyst with the scout. They definitely didn't pinning a lot of little you're yeah. Yeah. That's me yeah yeah. And that didn't. She I do not believe she's a 106 there's no way. There was a positions petition online. I got her to get hurt them with his group by the way we should point out when she was born. Hot presented Taft Mike was in office and that's how long ago he's been on many greener all could be ads. Sprightly initiates lots of energy there beautiful. I happen it could get them to convict. The girl today both Brady gets a video of a different sort as you know if I'm going to Brazil on a couple of months and we have a preview of what will look like down there tech this video of drunk monkey. Oh look. I won't necessarily be with the knife but this is for real this is Ed. Rum drinking primate that was seen their process was dealt with and I guess it's on top of the roof above par there apparently got a hold of some of the rump in the bar. Scott drank and then this is what you know this is what happens when you get drawn there well you know what in it it's his own body should've gotten the upper shelf. He should've gotten topped up the rail but expect could be very. Apparently there are wrestling actions that are injured gender well you still a girlfriend in a boyfriend ended up wrestling. Look at what happened to annually around you go that's arrest he goes to check on the raffle rate kicker she kicks into the head right yeah and then goes to check from the poor rat. This is all of deciding a wife. His Joey Ryan that the guy there on the ground somehow from somewhere manages to do this okay. There's a new waves of and it's. And we're okay. We should check how we did that bring you head but he proposes but so much of wrestling is fake is this part real I think this was revealed to let's hope. Oh.

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{"id":37107739,"title":"106-Year-Old Woman Visits the White House","duration":"3:01","description":"Virginia McLaurin fulfills her dream of visiting the President and First Lady.","url":"/Politics/video/106-year-woman-visits-white-house-37107739","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}