ABC News' Matthew Dowd discusses President Trump's first 90 days, tensions with North Korea and more

Dowd discusses the triumphs and downfalls of the president's first months in office.
6:17 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for ABC News' Matthew Dowd discusses President Trump's first 90 days, tensions with North Korea and more
Patent. Political parties aren't far apart right now is that remained in beef off. ABC news' chief political left in doubt joins hot topics right now to tell us some good news. Well done. Effective so mom the last time you were it was they after the election. Everybody's still in a state of shock and couldn't morons still out in the morning but I. Just did ninety wine. David good I've seen he'll light. You gotta Cezanne. As any in what happened and Matt. Well I think. Obviously many people are upset about that they were upset about the election there tonight about the presidency but I'll give him two things I can't out jump two things one. On some level on some people ease appointed qualified people at certain positions general McMaster at the National Security Council. Even Nikki Haley you might disagree with their face she is a very first and the UN. So I'll give me he's put certain people in certain positions that words are more very good. The bigger issue is out with a give downturn credit for that when we look back at this that he has done which is accelerated change in the country. He is caused a level of energy to rise that we know against him against him but actually. Unified in a way that conservatives and progressives have gotten together and say we did we need to. Do we needed to in the country to get it to another level. I think what we look back Donald Trump will be the great accelerator to that changed this. Africa yesterday. We'll truck recently claimed that an armada. Was on its way to North Korea. But it turns out they were heading in the opposite direction. Now with North Korea of threatening a superb my eighty preemptive strike that that's in quotes. And showing videos where they blow us the United States into soon other Marines who is really Manning the ship. Here well first I'd like in the last time that there was an armada I think pirates were invite. Spanish to blunt. Something yeah split com here's what I think about this in Iraq actually when act first side and watched as John Spencer try to explain what they said it was. It reminded me of one in my son's right when I said are you going to football practice decent young going to football practice similarly let little while later he's going to John's house and you but I'm still go to football practice movement that was their explanation of this. I think there was a miscommunication. I don't think they sort of said they knew what you were saying was wrong I think there was a miscommunication between an admiral the Pentagon. And the White House but my fault. But I have all indications that I fought them for this which is is they have an incapacity to admit. When they're wrong now sometimes not exactly if they would just say. Yeah stuff staff didn't hear right for every half. From the top Donald Trump I don't think is ever said I'm sorry to anybody the ball was supposed to going north and went south like his poll numbers. What are they were going to some exercises that they had already planned house and a thousand miles that went. Isn't that a dangerous thing when acquitted. Someone can't say I'll I'll wait wait we gotta club these presents Alan. We made a mistake I now know what I think that's the problem and puts Sean Spicer YouTube you feel bad form at certain times because. He's only has an audience of one. Right I'm. Who seems to watch TV more than any seven year old that I've ever seen. And add insult god wants to answer put himself in this position where he. Kids see he's wrong because you never admit you're wrong and they have to lose crazy explanation he can clincher in eastern. This whole thing they asked him. Not let's not alive who doesn't about your book a new wedding thank you for classical I didn't look at. Happy national security concerns hadn't got North Korea Russia Iran you have Democrats and Republicans sometimes even talk to each other people many people around the country are scared. But you see this is a time that could potentially be exciting. An exciting time or something positive may emerge from that exists it's also but I'm an optimist I'm very hopeful I've been married twice I definitely an optimist and anybody that may jog the Gabor was the ultimate option. I'm I'm very hopeful in this moment because we need to get to a place of change this comes around in a country every seven year eighty years and when you look at the history of our country. The last time this came around with some during the great depression and in debt and can in World War II before that was the civil war when we are moving from within have a nuclear weapons then I. But I at least there is some other foreign countries around that are trying to keep as calm and so. I think for everybody here in the audience everybody there is we have an opportunity to lead in the premise of the book is. Don't wait for somebody else and I think the Bill O'Reilly what happened with bill Wright is a perfect example. Which is we can't wait for a political leaders to engage in this people have to engage in this and in the end. That decision wasn't a more. The Fox News did make that because of more opposite side and how they made up because people stood up and up as a monetary decision. And I think that's the whole point is we can't lead our leaders in Washington don't lead they follow and they follow where we want them to go and ultimately we can lead them. We'll. That's when you are. He went out any that you think are on the right track freight now I think too often we focus and here's our culture that we folks that we need to focus on some political leader that we say oh there's the one they're gonna run for president. Are we focus on some celebrity. And I think if you go around this country everywhere you go a Long Island you go to Austin, Texas where I am. You go to Detroit whoever happens to be there are people in those communities they're leaving their solving some ominous problem yet they're salvage the housing problem. But I think most the time they think I don't have the power I'm not doing it or real change in the history of the world real time com's the civil rights movement didn't come because somebody stood up. As pres United States the present United States and the leaders were forced to it. By local leaders that pushed itself look at mayors look at people on C council's look at people running soup kitchens that the people in the audience. What is black market. Hit that's the way doesn't that let you know that in this new book and away embraced the patch that says we mean insert is available right now.

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{"id":46913484,"title":"ABC News' Matthew Dowd discusses President Trump's first 90 days, tensions with North Korea and more","duration":"6:17","description":"Dowd discusses the triumphs and downfalls of the president's first months in office.","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-matthew-dowd-discusses-president-trumps-90-46913484","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}