Ann Romney on Campaign: 'It's Not About Toys'

Mitt Romney's wife defends him after aide's "Etch A Sketch" comment.
4:14 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for Ann Romney on Campaign: 'It's Not About Toys'
Guess the first question on everybody's mind is how tired are you -- -- Etch A Sketch. You know it's it's part of the process this is what happens there's lots of distractions to get thrown at you. And you just got to keep focused and just say look this is not why we're running. Not about twice -- it's very serious but with. Facing right now a lot of people around him underemployed or unemployed gas prices are skyrocketing people are being. -- foreclosed out of homes. People are worried about their jobs so we're we're running on an economic message. We are concerned. About all Americans and we're concerned that. This economy's not recovering as quickly as it should and -- and economic guy -- turnaround guy to fix it guy in. I liked command talk about two things character confidence and character because had been married to him to 43 years. And I know the guy really -- I've seen him in every situation act with integrity and decency. In everything mideast done and then confidence because I think people know that he has. -- been successful in business he's been successful in turning around the Olympics and he's been successful as a governor. So all of those put together you you -- guy with a lot of experience that isn't just the right kind of experience we need now to turn around this country. Are you surprised that. It's Wisconsin it's April and you're still out here campaigning so hard did you guys expect that at the start -- you never -- in that's -- thing and that's when I what I said for years ago I'm like it right. You know. When we had to make its decision to step forward I -- week we can't figure out who we're going to be running against you know who was going to be running. You can't figure out what the process is going to be because the rules -- changing as we -- in making this decision they hadn't even been formulated yet. So I said the only thing I need to -- and I need to know for certain is if we go throughout this whole process if you finally get there if you can do that which isn't an easy thing to do. Can you fix it when you get there. And now you know -- -- said he could and that's why I'm willing to do whatever we have to do is a hard process it's much longer process and we've ever had. But it gives us the opportunity to be a place like an eighty degrees in Wisconsin and -- who thought -- could ever thought it would be this warrant. Because I'm either the Michigan I know this is not normal. We know it's an -- they're telling you is it of setting for US admits wife to. Here people within the Republican Party as a lifelong Republicans to hear that he's not the right candidate for this party how upsetting -- This you know you have to Brad Childress to do this and that's why four years ago and I said it would be dropped out I'd like I never join us again and it was part of the reason I mean at least personal attacks -- really hard. This time when when we had to step forward I -- having gone to the press this once before you really learn a lot. And I learned he seems really am personally very -- just -- happens and so you just can't take it personally. I'm just don't want you keep talking about why -- running -- you believe in this. Countrywide believe it needs to be. And basically turned around and saved and I you know I think there's only one person can do that so. You disregard so much of it and just keep going forward. They're so many comments about the governor being. Robotic not being personable you know and what better than anybody I mean is -- that way entry in person how means do we not know the real -- museum trouble getting it out there now I'd obviously nine. And you know if if you'll see him in a couple of I don't know he's coming -- -- and I don't think you know exactly when he's coming that he'll be here -- people gets a chance to see him. He just great at the rallies he's not that it's people want to put him in met by accidents because he's -- business guy he is not like that at all. I you know I know the -- pretty well he was actually pretty crazy -- high schooler will tell you. So you know it's fun for me get out until the other side of it that is that gives them more truth about what it really is about but he -- high school. -- -- -- -- -- You know he he actually was pretty crazy guy I mean you know he he didn't drink I will tell you that but you wouldn't it believed that the parties that you would think he was the craziest guy at the party. Come -- Vegas when you guys look at long term. How how long do you assume this goes on now -- all the way until August down on you know now it's going it's gonna come to a close and it's and it's gonna come to close I think fairly soon I think people are saying to -- we got Jeb Bush's endorsement yet as yesterday were giving calls from Bob Dole to have this thing shut down. I think more and more it's -- people recognize this time it's time to coalesce and to get moving.

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{"id":15981818,"title":"Ann Romney on Campaign: 'It's Not About Toys'","duration":"4:14","description":"Mitt Romney's wife defends him after aide's \"Etch A Sketch\" comment.","url":"/Politics/video/ann-romney-campaign-toys-15981818","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}