Ann Romney Gives Out Treats Before Convention Speech

ABC's David Muir on what GOP presidential nominee's wife is doing to prep for big speech.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Ann Romney Gives Out Treats Before Convention Speech
Well we're -- look now. On the other side of the split screen now and go to our colleague David Muir down on the floor -- -- -- of course covers the -- It needs a fine line they have to walk here tonight because of the other story that you began. Your program which of course that's the hurricane barreling towards the gulf of -- The Romney campaign. And -- -- -- losses and change their schedule over the last couple of days and obviously the conventional smaller than it planned fewer days but they're -- squeeze in that is exactly what they hope to accomplish. And one of those -- comes front and center tonight. It as -- do it in David one of the key numbers that the bombing campaign continue to look at. Polling among women in this country and the most recent ABC news Washington Post -- -- about favorability ratings and -- women stood in America. More find an unfavorable that you favorable. With the sort of prime time appeal of -- I'm -- to tell her story offer more personal side of him hope to make it more likable. Goes as expected when she takes the stage here behind me to talk more about the marriage and she she says in the -- that we have looked that many people think they'll. Our marriage and talking about her. That's a storybook marriage she said its story books they don't talk about breast cancer or and that's it -- to make the point that -- is not a storybook marriage. The real marriage and I think it's a real attempt to try to make them relatable to many the people. -- so far. Might not be sold yet. -- -- -- -- -- Here but you haven't. Mitt Romney give -- the -- -- -- crowd like this and robbing nodded but butterfly nervous their is that real unique experience for her. It's really unique -- You know I've spent the last couple of days very close with the campaign flew in with -- -- -- the plane today coming from Belmont obviously the Tampa. Into the back of the plane -- -- -- -- -- Her grandmother's recipe. She was that -- on -- yesterday big defense neglect cases of them -- Her down the campus stuff -- -- broadcast -- and gave us of the Diane Sawyer earlier this afternoon gave them out of the I did it's a taste testing their. Well you know. She seems. -- the last couple of days ago. -- but did so -- teleprompters. That's -- quite frankly I -- use a teleprompter before I don't like it. That is -- today we'll see how it goes tonight so I think it's you can keep that sort of relate ability going get up there that's deeds. Be very normal not someone who is a remarkably rehearsed -- practice with a teleprompter might actually have a great deal of appeal. And as you mentioned it's the first time will really be hearing from her in a setting like this -- -- It makes itself to the American people that her husband is far more than a -- -- that they might now that he's her husband. He's a father and of course -- grandfather to. It is very large -- -- very proud family given the fact that he was officially nominated here today in Tampa. Yes. Well thank you didn't you aren't we can't wait to hear. For a meal more much more as we move on through the campaign to get your perspective on and Romney speech.

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{"id":17099294,"title":"Ann Romney Gives Out Treats Before Convention Speech","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's David Muir on what GOP presidential nominee's wife is doing to prep for big speech.","url":"/Politics/video/ann-romney-treats-2012-republican-convention-speech-17099294","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}