Gulf of Mexico to Become Gulf of America?

Miss. State Rep. Steve Holland's measure is meant to mock immigration bills.
1:49 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Gulf of Mexico to Become Gulf of America?
This is the Gulf of Mexico it border several southern state including. Mississippi. Now one Mississippi lawmaker has presented a bill that would change the name of the Gulf of Mexico to the golf. Of America. House bill once it is creating quite a bus. Actually predict. -- me personally nor does the Gulf of Mexico forever so. Odyssey -- the idea kids in this. Steve Collins says his new bill isn't coming cheek challenged him. -- the current anti immigrant legislation in Mississippi. In those bills several lawmakers want to crack down hard on immigrants. They want to keep immigrants out this night they wanna take them off this I -- drug -- medicate people they wanna get rid of any thing that's not America. Quote -- quote. Now Holland says he's taking the rhetoric to -- street to prove a point we don't want any reference to Mexico. Are Hispanics are being uniter I love the must -- -- But I'm trying to get in the swing of the majority is what I'm trying to do some people we talked to think how is -- bill is a waste of time. We've got -- -- -- an economy that's running rampant there's there's more social concerns right here in the country it's it's it's ridiculous did. Be wasting taxpayers' time did to do that kind of stuff. State representative Collin says the way it's written this bill would only change the name of the golf right -- -- port Mississippi -- the water. I think this is a real conservative approach get rid of all references in the state of Mississippi to Mexico to Hispanics the people that don't look like the last. Who who do not speak our language -- his bill still have to be approved by both houses and get signed off by the governor before can take any effect. In Jackson -- -- ABC news.

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{"id":15555199,"title":"Gulf of Mexico to Become Gulf of America?","duration":"1:49","description":"Miss. State Rep. Steve Holland's measure is meant to mock immigration bills.","url":"/Politics/video/bill-would-rename-gulf-of-mexico-as-gulf-of-america-15555199","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}