Chris Christie's RNC Speech Good But Not 'Wow'

Alice Stewart, Hogan Gidley discuss the New Jersey governor's keynote address.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Chris Christie's RNC Speech Good But Not 'Wow'
-- President Obama as much as high as. Well. He is filling in the gaps for Mitt Romney is really what it is it's about competency. We heard a lot about the we built it -- -- tonight but I think there is another theme running through. -- like this is a party and Mitt Romney the man who could actually followed through and do what needs to be done to get the cut back on track. That kind of stuff that they're trying to sell outside -- inside all these so I'm very generous 78 degrees of good red -- to the ground. This is not this is it this is a very good speech. But it was not that I think he did speak to walk -- they go wow that that they've -- inning propelled him. -- to discuss it tomorrow can't it's certainly still. -- think about Christmas -- the -- that. It was a lot about Chris Christie and the nature of the experiment we've got to political pros here talk about -- -- without -- Italy -- -- Alice Stewart. You guys battled for months again Mitt Romney here you are -- that. The convention. All night long every speaker Rick Santorum. -- -- We've been hearing from speakers sort of. Using telling their story certainly hitting team Mitt Romney but this is a valued about sort of. All about Mitt Romney is headed by a lot about the Republican Party. Why is that that's a great question the I think part of that is because. We want to show that we have a broad sense that there are lots of people lots of personalities we have a deep bench. And the Republican Party at and we want to showcase what we have and what talent we have now and I think this is a great night showed that Ryan and Rick Santorum would have. A valiant effort -- with little resources and Romney a wonderful woman a powerful woman soon she was able to -- being being. Putting -- some anecdotes about about Mitt and make me. More human I think Chris Christie so when it comes down to bare knuckle brawler taken right -- and fired -- the crowd I mean. I think tonight was about. It was it was the open of the convention I mean obviously. That hurricane Alicia the first night tonight is that opened the show and they want to start with a bang -- -- -- tonight -- -- -- from. From Democrats and Republicans they say. I think about Barack Obama in people might not approve of the -- -- sit on the economy but they like him personally. Is that an issue even something like Chris Christie have to tread lightly on that -- -- -- reason why we didn't see him Timothy Chris Christine. Rock them sock them robots that we see that -- very well. Let me get brought about president of the very likable guy is very popular and everyone likes of but I think. I think Chris Christie you know -- alphabet the very beginning we don't need someone who's -- say yes and tell us exactly what they want -- here we need -- -- -- going to -- -- every now and then. Tells what we need -- -- -- not what we want here so I think. The government had a sudden death to the president's not about honest and tell you everything you you wanna hear and everything's going to be -- And roses -- great because we've got a lot of broken promises from the Obama administration. -- -- we've seen tonight is we've seen each of the speakers were able to tell their own personal stories we have a great story from. From Rick Santorum talking about the hands that built this country in the press -- handsome Fella but we also heard a common theme of we did build this which is a jab at the president and then run. And Romney who is making a very direct appeal the whole person efforts to women voters. There's nothing subtle about it we've been talking -- Aren't you winning. It's pretty on the nose but -- -- -- doing that that. Not it was not entirely dedicated to sketching out bit with the anecdote about a little with a that was not a good use of -- -- I think it was fantastic and I think we saw. That setting it up Nikki Haley did a great job I think it -- incorporation of women in this campaign but. I think and -- did a great job of -- to speak for my heart to your heart this is about -- and she talked about. Governor Romney their relationship but she was able to put a face on the women of this country and how you know you're the you're the one that claims that it that this isn't changing the diapers but here's the backbone of the family near the backbone of this country -- -- a vital role in your own family but also in the selection process. I do want to talk though about it about the fact that we didn't hear a lot about Mitt Romney -- we did hear some personal stories. Crime and around here but we really hurt a lot more about the personal stories of the speakers and -- the here's how Mitt Romney's gonna make things better so. What do you think that was about. That's a great question you know again I think that. It was a long hard fought primary and I think a lot of the folks out here you know -- -- -- it is the nominee even a lot of folks have their hearts and on somebody else and in this beyond just -- and armed. I think it was important to get. A lot of stories out there about who we -- Republicans and who we are as a party and I think that the speakers did a pretty good job of that I mean look. That is the convention -- is build and -- -- -- in a crescendo with Mitt Romney's the end right so all these things. There was plenty of Mitt -- plenty of Paul Ryan in in the central -- extra money and that in and -- -- he -- as well let you know. Talk about the women issue I mean that the Romney campaign that they've seen the -- they know they have to do trying to track these women rights so. -- against and they're gonna and build there -- build -- they're gonna build their convention around that theme. And try to to to under Garrity he's achievement in the open fill the gaps where Mitt -- missing it and in net revenue come up and clean up at the end I guarantee it. Republican political -- -- certain -- and that's look infinitely Alice Stewart thank you so thank goodness I think it's great to -- air -- thank -- --

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{"id":17101625,"title":"Chris Christie's RNC Speech Good But Not 'Wow'","duration":"3:00","description":"Alice Stewart, Hogan Gidley discuss the New Jersey governor's keynote address.","url":"/Politics/video/chris-christies-rnc-speech-good-wow-17101625","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}