Cory Booker's DNC Speech: Best Moments

Newark mayor's address in Charlotte brought a standing ovation.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Cory Booker's DNC Speech: Best Moments
Our platform. Calls for a balanced deficit reduction plan where every one. Everyone. -- elected officials to the wealthy and the super wealthy pay their fair share. -- -- -- And please let's do this because when your country. Into -- -- cost -- more with our soldiers sacrificing abroad. And our nation. It's facing a debt crisis at home. He asked to pay your fair share isn't class warfare -- patriots -- -- No matter what -- Or creed how do you choose to brag or -- you -- don't love. Are -- citizen of the United States of America. -- America first generation or 51. Who was willing to Warhol. Play by the rules and -- -- your god given talents that you should be able. To find a job that pays the bills you should be able. To -- -- health care for your family use. -- -- With the dignity and Henry is back. -- loud they have. -- -- -- -- All live inside the. This is our -- to listen. -- other dreamed of our fathers and mothers this is that the -- and put the next generation. -- all Clark College parents. Of conviction and classrooms from -- to shining city. From art that's about what our children probably -- crying. Those sacred words from our most profound pledge that we are Mason. With liberty. And just dance floor. Every single member for every single state in these United States. We are pleased to moon for the adoption. Of the 2000. -- well. Democratic. National platform. It.

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{"id":17153340,"title":"Cory Booker's DNC Speech: Best Moments","duration":"3:00","description":"Newark mayor's address in Charlotte brought a standing ovation.","url":"/Politics/video/cory-bookers-dnc-speech-best-moments-17153340","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}