Debate Presents Obama, Romney in Rare Face-to-Face Meeting

Yahoo! News' Holly Bailey offers insight from the inside the spin room.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Debate Presents Obama, Romney in Rare Face-to-Face Meeting
Holly Bailey who is joining us I think you're out in Denver -- right yes -- there you are. I'd joined effortless and the spin room and holly view of course you -- are. With our partners Yahoo! News been on the campaign trail for I'm sure feels for you years but it's been months for -- Trevor. Tell us in your piece today who told us a little bit about the relationship between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. They don't really love each other -- No not very much and that's one thing that's a dynamic -- -- you know it's going to be interesting to watch tonight you know this is the first time that they're going to be meeting in person. And years they've only met a handful of times less than five times a -- a campaign. And this meeting tonight comes after months and months and months of really negative attacks really personal attacks. And what they -- we know about Mitt Romney -- President Obama is that they don't really forget about negative attacks like that. -- campaigns told us you know they don't take it personally but it's really hard to believe and so. You know given the fact that they've really come out attack dogs against their opponents and so it's getting really -- -- tonight this is a dynamic between these two guys. -- how much work you think has been done by the people prepping each of the candidates. Think get them not to come off as -- disrespectful or angry or hurt. A lot and that you know one -- from the Romney campaign I was told us -- Rob Portman has the stand in for. Barack Obama has really was instructed to specifically to push Mitt Romney's buttons. An order to sort of got his anger and she's the candidate not to come office test -- irritated as he sometimes did -- -- -- prime -- -- its. The Romney campaign really wants to work on electability numbers if you look at every poll. You know most voters still seem -- like president of a bomb a lot more Mitt Romney knows as a prop man so his when -- come off -- really irritable are angry tonight. Holly. For the viewers at home who haven't covered a presidential didn't hate. A little about where you are because I think for most people watching -- and watching the debates they think that reporters sit in the room. With it folks who are watching the -- tell us where you are and what you guys do as you watch these today. We actually you know the -- that reporters -- 4000 reporters' credentials here -- believe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really actually in the hall where. But the cancer indeed going to be that weren't -- room adjacent. Essentially we're watching entices viewers watching at home we're looking -- -- on giant TV. He's scatter and time TVs across program. -- there isn't going to be very investment in the years -- -- tonight. Until you may have better food in your room. The meeting. -- -- I and I think that is that is true although it says it's something you say here bosses I need to fly all the way to Denver. -- -- in a -- with a bunch of other reporters to watch this on TV. Dad but you know the one advantage we have is that after -- you know whatever happened -- -- this debate we're in the room where the spin room is gonna happen all the advises a command and a combined give their. You know explanation of why they think their candidate -- best tonight and that's you know really why we're all here.

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{"id":17390599,"title":"Debate Presents Obama, Romney in Rare Face-to-Face Meeting","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo! News' Holly Bailey offers insight from the inside the spin room.","url":"/Politics/video/debate-presents-obama-romney-rare-face-face-meeting-17390599","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}