DNC 2012 CEO: 'Most Open and Accessible Convention Ever'

Steve Kerrigan on the particulars of putting together the Democratic National Convention.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DNC 2012 CEO: 'Most Open and Accessible Convention Ever'
-- that -- right dude and guest here who knows a lot about this stadium and a lot about this convention Steve Carrigan who is the chairman of this convention. So tell us -- -- very good -- it had an axle of the Charlotte thanks and great food. Great that -- -- -- -- we have been well Gary glad there are very very well that. Are right so -- someone like you do once this all comes together and you just a bundle of nerves right now or is as a relief. Now we've been planning this for year and a half here in Charlotte. We've got a great team on the ground -- focused on the president's. Directives some making -- the most open and accessible convention in history. -- where we continue to be focused on that we open and close this convention week with. A for the first time ever with events over the publicly at 50000 people in -- Charlie yesterday to thousands and thousands more coming out there's an hour to BankAmerica stadiums are. We're just thrilled with the way were taken out this convention and that and frankly. The way were doing as you mentioned the fact we're focused on engaging more Americans than ever to force that's or focus on -- All right Steve it is pouring outside as you -- just about this not on Thursday night we expect to be. In the open air what happens -- ready likeness -- -- but we gonna be out there anyway. Like we first we're going to Bank of America Stadium -- shines we have of course continues he plans of one make sure that folks are safe but. Right now we have confidence we're gonna be there ran -- -- Read our shiny going to be getting a little bit west -- -- from your perspective this is a lot of this -- its programming -- -- -- president. What is it important that you communicate about the physical space the terms of what's going on -- as a -- that you're going to be broadcast back developments across. I think what you see with our state -- states placement is -- and an end zone configuration and speakers really surrounded by. -- which we haven't had before. And that's really the convey the message of Americans coming together around this singular purpose of moving our country in the right direction moving us -- to create more opportunity for all on. And that's what this document -- say -- supposed to -- and we think we're we headed out of the park and we're incredibly pleased. With the way we did it we are focused on making sure that knows more people can get in here and participate -- get involved and go through -- eight different digital platforms to suspend mention watching everything live stream as you guys are doing. So we're we're incredibly thrilled with the fact that we've been able to make this the most open and accessible to -- never. The relationship is like between the convention and the city. The traffic is a little bit crazy the security is intense. But lived anywhere near the downtown I would be terrified to try to -- down here. Well I live in uptown and our goal has always been to make sure that -- remains open for business. Which I think you see that it is people have to walk sometimes or drive a little different bird or bird drive a little longer about -- our partnership with the city and mayor fox you just heard. Is -- better than any other convention city before and I did this four my hometown of Boston in 2004 and that partnership is what is allowed us to be so successful because we have to coordinate we have to communicate about. Everything from traffic and security to how we work with our demonstrator partners and other people to. Make sure that everybody has a safe. Experience while they're here and everybody has an opportunity to have their -- -- The -- you mention Boston of course -- the work for the late Senator Ted Kennedy who was accused presents. It 2004 at Boston and again at 2008 -- a very emotional speech is going to be a video tribute tonight to hear from Joseph Kennedy a third. Caroline Kennedy later in the week how -- the -- spirit infusing the proceedings and what does it feel like to be here without a -- there. -- obviously my -- having first and it's never went to was with him in 1992 and I. I stayed with him for a long time and his presence is -- here but I said my remarks earlier that even though -- clarion call can't be heard. He told us a long time ago that the work goes on and we've got to keep going and his spirit is alive and every one of these delegates everybody. Who works hard for the issues of the Democratic Party cares about himself although we miss him desperately. We know he's with us he's -- -- Steve Kerrigan CEO of the connection meant so much. And doubt we're gonna have you cited on our guest look at I -- guest book. What's that didn't think they'd installed little something maybe maybe suggest that a new slogan for Robin Bryant you David take your time. Picture you cite your dates that we know exactly where that's from thank you thank -- Weldon.

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{"id":17153807,"title":"DNC 2012 CEO: 'Most Open and Accessible Convention Ever'","duration":"3:00","description":"Steve Kerrigan on the particulars of putting together the Democratic National Convention.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-ceo-open-accessible-convention-17153807","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}