DNC Platform Change on God, Israel: Something 'We Can Run On'

Obama communications director Brent Colburn on changes to DNC venues, platform.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for DNC Platform Change on God, Israel: Something 'We Can Run On'
Richard -- an opportunity lost -- it from an organized perspective but only if they respected him. Those 65000. People from North Carolina Virginia it is -- tomorrow night well we're obviously very disappointed -- to make the call will be made this morning we feels the right call regardless of what the weather -- end -- being tomorrow I think everyone on our campaign was gonna sleep well tonight knowing that we made the right call from a public safety perspective. And again this is not just the public safety of our supporters members the media is the law enforcement personal enough to work it's it's the volunteers and staff from our team. And safety have to come first now that being said this is a little bit of a lost opportunity for us. You know as we saw in Denver that's a great chance for us to bring people together. I talk directly to them and organize them. That being said we have all their email address -- we've been in contact to all of these people before. We're gonna be reaching out to them we're -- a conference call with the president tomorrow just for those individuals who couldn't -- Thursday -- speech and -- be talking to them directly about how important it is for them to remain in the process for them to keep working to get him reelected in November for them to reach -- to their friends and -- self help will be back in North Carolina we're -- -- as many -- people -- we -- but we -- disappointed -- make that -- All of their houses -- -- now the -- I gotta tell -- it's funny because -- for the Republicans out -- -- pushing this idea that this -- -- political decision -- -- for some -- wouldn't have wanted to -- the speech. It's -- -- sort of false premise or false understanding of what our campaign is about look we want as many Americans as possible either in the stadium in the arena or on television to see the president deliver. His speech tomorrow night. He is our number one communicated when it comes to his message we find the more our candidate is out there talking to people the better we're doing in the polls so we're disappointed we had to make the choice that it was the right thing to do we're gonna keep -- The answer one question about -- slight adjustment here. It -- it. Was surprised -- -- god. Now this. Here and this. Time I can't speak specifically to when we knew about that the word god not being in the the one place -- have been before what I can't tell you as we worked hard to ensure that faith was reflected in the platform. Sony has been lost this whole discussion is that there's entire faith section of the platform it talks about. The importance of faith the importance of our clergy and faith in our communities so as soon as we saw that that there was this oversight obviously we we moved it to correct it through the correct process which was the amendment process you saw tonight. I think -- the platform that reflects the president's personal feelings on things in a platform. Again unlike the Republicans last week a platform we want everyone to read cover to cover we're proud of that we think reflects the president's values his priorities and policies and a platform that we feel we can run on heading into November wanted to -- the platform currently we love it I got its you know it's it's -- -- every time -- guarantees. Every time the Republicans -- these little battles -- word choice all we can think is obviously they haven't read this -- they haven't looked at the context of what's going on around these false attacks and these kind of vicious attacks that that they throw out there someone was saying today about tomorrow in the call -- we made you know -- -- two things right -- will -- wake up tomorrow we don't know exactly what the weather will -- we made our best -- we know they're gonna get attacked by the Republicans -- -- what we. We feel how to will be ready for both. I look forward to really exciting day here in the arena with President Obama accepted the renomination all right break -- Obama campaign -- -- be here thanks guys.

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{"id":17165337,"title":"DNC Platform Change on God, Israel: Something 'We Can Run On'","duration":"3:00","description":"Obama communications director Brent Colburn on changes to DNC venues, platform.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-dnc-platform-change-god-israel-run-17165337","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}