Facts Surrounding Democratic National Convention 2012

Sunlen Miller explains the significance of Democrats choosing Charlotte, NC to host DNC.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Facts Surrounding Democratic National Convention 2012
-- -- -- -- -- -- 2008 Obama campaign and -- -- busy around town -- on the -- even find the mountain nuts talking a lot of blogs. We've been talking a lot of -- around Charlie and I have a lot of facts for you guys that you never thought he would want that but I'm instead. Love it is the first fun fact -- -- scenes from the -- Movie the Hunger Games were filmed here the place where delegates and media worked all week at the Charlotte convention -- that was where -- Pivotal scene in the hundred games not -- -- and -- it have a ticket at the scene where it. All the tributes to ride in on their myriad -- is currently meeting with. Fire behind -- This is where the media worked all -- it looks a lot a lot different here in the pictures -- very -- -- it's not under gains cut and dry your own comparison. Up but this think that what -- tell you about. Is the number sixty you think it's bullying or approval rating but the White House is listening very closely to the numbers that eat everything about it because that's the weather forecast. The person it's -- brain. On Thursday night now we -- -- that Barack Obama is gonna deliver his speech on Thursday evening in an open air -- enough. Obviously there watching the weather reports very closely at that now they have not announced the consistency plan if it does -- There's over 73000. People potentially coming out bulletins that address -- see what happens if it -- But now we also understand you've found some other fun facts about Charlotte. Think that we didn't know about channel one thing that we didn't know about certainly is on the streets here everyone is -- -- about -- potential mystery gas that might show up here. People are by the about Betty White and of course we all know from the republicans' convention that -- this mystery guest with Clint Eastwood. He got more attention for his empty chair in the states but we listened to silence they've talked to a few delegates out there we asked them if that he likely he would fit person. Come and make an apparent that the events and we have a little bit of sound from people on the streets. You know I'm murderer -- -- let's see any lines I think she'd be very funny. It sort of a nice contrast with many -- -- little more practice to comedy that he is the ultimate young all of the -- that let's give it credit. All the way but then you have a large group of people I don't know how surprising she would be to save my younger children. Anyway it's fine to be all about the grammys -- it. That's a lot of what -- went on the street -- that even thought Clinton had slept with anyone but apparently the word on the streets when Miller. Another reason again thanks so much thank you very much.

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{"id":17154986,"title":"Facts Surrounding Democratic National Convention 2012","duration":"3:00","description":"Sunlen Miller explains the significance of Democrats choosing Charlotte, NC to host DNC.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-facts-surrounding-democratic-national-17154986","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}