Has the GOP Taken Democrats' Twitter Edge?

Yahoo's Phoebe Connelly explains how the RNC, DNC differ regarding social media.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Has the GOP Taken Democrats' Twitter Edge?
-- On what's happening in the air Blogosphere. Sphere I don't know -- -- spears. Beyond now I think that you -- Apparently. And -- stage you know senate's -- and we might. -- it. So before -- close. And as I wonder which Twitter hash tags you'll start using when I'm done talking management sixty -- M. -- That's what -- wanted a -- so what's happened since he's that it peaked on Twitter. At its -- -- around 2000 feet per minute. How many of them were -- or -- -- -- -- A lot of these frankly is that. -- -- That would discredit -- honestly. No that's only because out there today ghetto people now using it in -- -- that went beyond that discount that. One meeting and then it quickly get -- it into something out. Exit just sitting there is actually today. At the convention -- Did there's people -- -- That -- so it doesn't want to ban and photos of are out there holding a sign that people were protesting thirteen -- usually. -- -- -- There are several clinics that -- passed -- on Twitter that started trending. Of people have really excited that she went out there with the protesters showing support them are protesting. -- -- that has been traveling across the southern part of the United States. Are -- undocumented immigrants. So Dallas Dallas went elsewhere here at the -- the equally well with their fifth -- -- -- The DNC does not seem to be nearly as active. -- putting out we -- does not. Amount. -- -- not -- segment please let me. By Republicans manage huge that is affecting social -- -- that -- -- You're right now early in the convention -- either the past 24 hours we saw it -- -- a rise. -- DNC in four words. That liberals and conservatives -- sort of fighting over characterize. The convention and never go back and forth at this point that. And up on the screen right now we're seeing that the free is about it -- them. Right there are clearly sort of positive for the convention and others there are very critical of a -- -- -- agenda that is being discussed -- Budget what's the budget that's excellent question I don't that I can necessarily answer that. You're -- I don't know. You know I I was told that I I was asking the questions. Get. -- You guys are looking for some other hot it's cool pictures and -- it exemplified. Here in ensuring that -- anything else users. -- Other pictures and I you have. Did the DNC released an official app that came out that's right the app for folks think to get on the ground -- figured out. -- -- -- The really cool -- the apps you parent and you could experience new ones what are the options which I can show you as the hipster option not. You have to Wear glasses and write -- single speed bike. Yes and they say how much time have to be at third and help -- travel this -- experience and it will craft a list of things. Music lovers one it's a microphone I was hoping it was karaoke but I'm not report it to. It had downloaded. That it happens. Got -- now. It's an exciting out -- -- for conventions or if you can also follow along. So at any Twitter hijacking that we should report having hash -- being taken over at the forward. They want I think -- and really is that the hijackers and I and he won that award and again he's on our show tonight he'll have to see if he can make us -- right. The outlook and yeah. But you don't accidentally what should we ask you need to come up with -- -- -- you want him to get trending for you that it is cricket Amy red meat that is aiming. If he -- if he can achieve that and I think he deserves an Oscar whatever whatever they give -- for people that the jump between those two things. So what else you track it at Yahoo! tonight partners. -- Hole on the site in conjunction with ABC news to sort of -- kind of what folks were interested and we asked them if they thought they were better off. Now than they were four years ago when Barack Obama. Not look at what's -- about this this is obviously not sign to people but in our -- it. Ill scientific -- from ABC -- -- that actually Beers. Asked about -- adds that in the right direction -- on the run -- -- close to 61% big blizzard like 6465%. On the ground -- very similar margins -- countries on the head on the right track so. Actually it's kind of interesting to see that -- even -- It's a different question. Yes the question there's an atlas mobile devices work -- the rate cuts if it's a little -- We -- and see what he. I think yourself unaware that there's an idea the other rate plan directly -- -- that it throughout the week thank you so much.

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{"id":17155257,"title":"Has the GOP Taken Democrats' Twitter Edge?","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo's Phoebe Connelly explains how the RNC, DNC differ regarding social media.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-gop-democrats-twitter-edge-17155257","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}