Jesse Jackson: Obama Being 'Modest' About Economy

Jackson argues why President Obama should give himself more than an "incomplete" on economic issues.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jesse Jackson: Obama Being 'Modest' About Economy
All this but -- with. Jesse Jackson John. I'm here with the reverend Jackson as you mentioned reverend Jackson you have spoken at six of these conventions what's this -- -- what it's. To be -- Carolina and South Carolina with a great Rick this is that you. The -- sound made popular by the. From the Wall Street. -- bridges will build the connected Mason Dixon you could have allowed. Campus and that and the bobcats behind the Concord -- for the -- deliberately left. Cochran you -- live at Honda until fueled in -- at Annapolis. But but this civil rights movement been successfully. And the write the -- -- to keep -- it must be protected at all -- Yeah about president. And it's going to be able to recapture that same -- -- slick he has said -- was lightning in a bottle for years ago there's a lot of disappointment out there there alone. Through tough times how does he do it -- that was the crusades and now. We will pull millions of jobs and walls built formally being in the spread -- eight million jobs for example all the all the relevant -- Please -- -- cause legal problem. When the -- -- and three ships in Ohio and all the people public health insurance wouldn't cover before that supplies. Iraq has a big deal because we spent. One to three trailer album that walked the wrong war is so he has a track record I think that cover themselves as the sustained him through the season but -- -- when he was asked to give himself a grade -- his handling. Economy and he said incomplete I mean do you go to voters say about three and a -- you put on the news. My greatest and completely believe in -- of the deal with what. The opposition he has had been laying on the -- the contacts on this person not American. -- not a Christian not -- plus -- look at alternative. But it'll alternative. Program put economic reconstruction. Fall off in the commitment to address -- I think that he is -- -- over his opposition. Long we've looked at Mecca contrast -- -- -- the -- they'll rescue entirely different question is somebody has been to so many of these conventions and played a big role in so many of them. Are they still relevant here a lot of people -- and you know it's become one big kind of infomercial what's your sense why why do these things that matter do you think they do. It connects capable around the country. Not as contingents of them wants we will not be at midnight. -- negotiated between the first groups feminists who. And this will be. But that the purpose them come Miguel insurance issues woodland California Alabama all of remarked I'll -- that with this -- common issues. -- you get to know. Medicaid public education. These businesses -- and -- I think the impotence of the missile programs. Hey -- Jesse junior doing. He was for our -- detail and that. We come before itself we. We love him so much missile. -- -- -- -- He's recovering in the would take just a minute sales we'll several ones we've released -- weekend. What's your sense when we see him back in the back in the arena just don't know. Yes I mean -- father and medical. -- in Gaza them. -- and remnants of one time. Must make that decision to blow them. He can continue to serve his his brutal -- -- it must take priority. I think some that would -- And support and over shall we -- Mix up in the film review it. -- -- -- -- If that -- girl.

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{"id":17154271,"title":"Jesse Jackson: Obama Being 'Modest' About Economy","duration":"3:00","description":"Jackson argues why President Obama should give himself more than an \"incomplete\" on economic issues.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-jesse-jackson-obama-modest-17154271","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}